Emily Blunt is at the centre of a bizarre on set romance

January 5 2011

Stunning British actress Emily Blunt star of films including Wild Target, The Devil Wears Prada and The Adjustment Bureau is at the centre of one of the most bizarre on-set romances in Hollywood history.

Her husband John Krasinski has nothing to worry about since Emily admits she has found a new love while shooting the new Muppet film "I have totally fallen in love with Fozzie Bear, Fozzie is just so adorable and funny of course. We had so much fun making the movie. I also loved Ralph the dog and just about all the Muppets but Fozzie is my favourite guy. I miss him."

The Muppets hits UK cinemas on February 17 2012, directed by James Bobin and co stars Amy Adams and Jason Segel in a film that sees Kermit the Frog and his muppet pals put on a show to save their old theatre.


In the meantime, Emily can be seen alongside Jack Black and Jason Segel in Gulliver's Travels which is in cinemas now.

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