Cocaine Unwrapped UK Film Premiere On 16 May To Host Charged Debate On The War On Drugs

May 15 2012

A new film which brings a unique spotlight onto the global war on drugs, and specifically the story of cocaine, will host its public UK white carpet Film Premiere in London on Wednesday 16th May at the Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square.

COCAINE UNWRAPPED is the untold story of the human suffering and cost caused by thecocaine trade and the war against it and isDirected by Award winning Rachel Seifert (Who Am I? The Found Children of Argentina) and Awardwinning Executive Producer Christopher Hird (The End of the Line, The War You Don’t See, Black Gold).

COCAINE UNWRAPPED brings us unprecedented access to the political leaders of Latin America. While Western demand for cocaine reaches record levels, so does the violence at every stage of the global trade in the drug. The film explores the international network of violence, imprisonment, poverty and addiction caused in its wake. With front line reportage from coca farmers in Bolivia, drugs mules in Ecuadorian prisons, cocaine factories in the Colombian jungle, dealers on the streets of Mexico and Baltimore - and consumers from the clubs and dinner tables of the West – Cocaine Unwrapped portrays a story of death, economic devastation and human suffering and brings the war on drugs into a completely new light.

The white carpet film premiere for COCAINE UNWRAPPED will host a charged Q&A after the screening chaired by Sir Ian Kennedy, Chair of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority and with a panel to include Mike Trace, Chairman of the International Drug Policy Consortium and the former deputy UK drug tsar, Ariel Moutsatsos, Head of Press and Public Affairs at the Mexican Embassy andGrace Livingstone, Latin American Bureau and author of 'Inside Colombia:Drugs, Democracy and War.' Leading advertising agency, Leo Burnett, has also collaborated with Dartmouth Films to create a special campaign around the issues that Rachel Seifert’s film explores.  The work created by Leo Burnett includes sound design and two short films that introduce ‘Cocaine Unwrapped’, aiming to amplify the impact for Rachel’s film.

Director Rachel Seifert said “I hope that this film can engage the public in a debate and help to make a difference. The UK is one of the largest consumers of cocaine, and as a country has a hugely influential part to play in being able to affect change by reviewing our drugs policy. Let’s hope the recent House of Lords UK Drugs Policy Review will enable drugs policy to move forward in a more effective way.”

Christopher Hird, Executive Producer said “Four years in the making,  on a very small budget,  Rachel Seifert has produced a film in the best traditions of what Dartmouth Films tries to do: make documentaries which have an impact – which raise public awareness, which change consumer behaviour and which force politicians to act. Watch this film and you will never think about drugs in the same way again.”


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