Arnold Schwarzenegger talks Terminator 5 and Twins Sequel

January 22 2013

Fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger are to be in for a treat over the next couple of years, as the 65-year-old action hero has confirmed a host of sequels he is currently working on - including a certain Terminator 5.

Speaking at the press conference for his latest project The Last Stand, the Austrian discusses with us a few upcoming films he is scheduled to be appearing in, and we at The Fan Carpet are more than excited to hear about what the star has lined up.

"There are three projects being written right now that I am involved in - Terminator 5, a new Conan movie and also the sequel to Twins, which is called Triplets, with three of us all looking quite different, it's got Eddie Murphy in it, so figure that one out," he continued. "Even though I'm 65 years old I'm just as hungry for doing more movies, doing bigger movies, better movies, working with interesting actors and interesting directors."

Although Hollywood can be criticised of taking a somewhat easy path in rebooting such famed titles, it gives us the chance to see and hear more of Arnie's memorable one-liners, and he discussed his own personal favourites from throughout his illustrious career., though admitted he is never quite sure of what may catch on.

"There is not one, but there are several. Obviously "I'll be back" and in Commando the line "I lied" or "It's not a tumour", or when I impaled a guy with a knife through the chest against the wall, and I said "stick around"," Schwarzenegger said. "The interesting thing is, you never know which line is going to make it, because there are a lot of lines in movies and somehow people themselves pick the lines and make them famous, so you never know."

Meanwhile, co-stars Johnny Knoxville and Jaimie Alexander - who were also in attendance at the press conference held at The Savoy hotel, discussed their own temptations on set to pull out the occasional Arnie quote, as we were treated to Alexander's very own rendition of her personal favourite "Get to the chopper!" line. However the star of Thor admitted, "I did it, but not when he was listening because I'm terrible at it."

Knoxville, on the other hand, had this to say, "I didn't slip into too many catchphrases on set, I was too busy doing my best to remember my own lines." Yet when asked what his favourite of Schwarzenegger's one-liners is, he simply said "Fuck you asshole".

It may be worth noting that it is actually an Arnie quote and that Knoxville didn't decide to just randomly abuse a journalist.

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