The Final Countdown for Sci-Fi-London’s Alien Abduction Film, “The Search For Simon”, Has Begun – and YOU can be a part of it!

April 2 2013

Internationally recognised as one of the world’s most highly regarded and successful launch pads for genre movies, the UK’s leading genre event, SCI-FI-LONDON, has now taken its own giant step into world of movie production with the crowd-funded sci-fi comedy feature, THE SEARCH FOR SIMON, directed by Martin Gooch (Death) and starring Tom Price (Torchwood), Carol Cleveland (Monty Python), Simon Jones (The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy) and Sophie Aldred (Doctor Who) with a guest appearance by gaming legend Ian Livingstone. And you are invited to join in the final countdown to raise vital funds to finance the movie’s post-production via the crowd-funding website,

In return for any pledges made, the filmmakers are offering a variety of cool and unique perks, ranging from signed DVDs of the completed film, official T-shirts and tickets to the movie’s world premiere screening and after-show party to copies of exclusive not-available-anywhere-else deck plans of the top secret “Shroomship” and having your name included in the movie’s closing credits!

THE SEARCH FOR SIMON is a comedy science-fiction feature film about a man named David and his lifelong search for alien life. When David was 10 years old, his younger brother Simon disappeared from his life forever. His father told him that Simon “now lives with the space people”. A year later, David’s father died and his mother refused to talk about what really happened. As a result, David dedicates himself to investigating extra-terrestrial phenomena, looking for the space people and the truth he knows must be out there.

Described by director and co-writer Martin Gooch as, “Shaun of the Dead rubbing up against The X-Files with a little Blair Witch Project, UFOs and a Sherman tank thrown in for good measure…” the film will also feature music by The Priscillas and Captain Sensible of The Damned.

Although the final countdown to the film’s completion has now begun, there is still time to get involved in THE SEARCH FOR SIMON before the Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign ends on 3rd April 2013. Simply go to IndieGoGo, choose your pledge and become a part of sci-fi movie-making history.

THE SEARCH FOR SIMON will premiere at the 12th SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival at London’s BFI on 3rd May 2013. For further information, stills, updates and more visit

About Martin Gooch
Martin is a highly experienced film director with a great mind for a story and a great eye to shoot it. He has a unique style, bending genres and expectations within classic British filmmaking. He has travelled the world, talked to it, written about it and documented it on film. He has worked on 13 feature films, including the first Harry Potter, the Muppets and Judge Dredd, as well as over 200 television shows across British programming. TV highlights include EastEnders, Big Brother, Hollyoaks and Robot Wars. In 2008 Martin directed the live-action on the BAFTA winning and Emmy-nominated Spooks interactive website. His first feature film, Death, a beautifully British mysterious sci-fi comedy won awards in 2012 including Best Director at the Bram Stoker Film Festival, and was described as “Dr Who meet Mike Leigh!” at the Raindance Film Festival. The Search for Simon is his second feature film.

SCI-FI-LONDON is the UK’s leading genre event and an internationally recognised launch pad for genre movies. SFL is an independent film festival that gets no funding from any arts of film council and relies on the generosity and support of its sponsors, and the filmmakers and distributors themselves. Ultimately it is the ticket-buying public that make it a success and one of the friendliest festivals around, a view that is expressed by not only the punters but also by the visiting filmmakers and guests. Crowd-funding is an obvious next step for SCI-FI-LONDON, a completely fan led and supported festival.
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