Michael Fassbender, Adam Driver and Hugo Weaving are the latest actors linked to roles in Star Wars: Episode VII

January 12 2014

Following yesterdays announcement that Breaking Bad alumni Jesse Plemons is potentially in talks for the role of Luke Skywalker's son comes word that three more names are rumoured to be in talks for the highly anticipated return to a galaxy far, far away.

The Hollywood Reporter points to X-Men: Days of Future Past's Michael Fassbender, Girls star Adam Driver and The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogy's Hugo Weaving as potential actors to join the film, with the site stating that Driver and Fassbender could fit the profile for the "military officer" role revealed a few months ago.

New story details have come to light with word that Michael Arndt's departure from the film being over a dispute on the film's focus; apparently his original draft would have focused on the offspring of Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker, with the original cast taking on supporting roles, but since J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan have taken over writing duties it has apparently shifted focus back to the original three to give fans a proper "send off" for the characters before their offspring becoming the focus of future sequels in the franchise.

None of this is confirmed, and is certainly not the official word from Disney/Lucasfilm, but we'll have more on Star Wars: Episode VII as it becomes available.

Right now all we know is that it will be directed by Abrams from a script he hand Kasdan wrote and set for a release on December 18 2015 with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, Abrams and Bryan Burk searing as producers, with Tommy Harper and Jason McGatlin serving as executive producers.

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