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As one of the largest growing online film communities in the UK, The Fan Carpet has a detailed target audience of media consumers and a proven record of delivering outstanding results for our advertisers.

We can provide detailed statistics based on specific key words. These are pulled from charts created by user fan lists. How many fans of the iPhone and how many fans of Mercedes-Benz?

We offer creative solutions to meet your advertising objectives. The Fan Carpet business development team works closely with our design, editorial and marketing teams to develop highly creative and innovative promotional opportunities for our client brands. We pride ourselves on the continuous development of new and exciting opportunities for advertisers and we are always happy to work with clients to develop ideas to fit in with our editorial content.

Join the ranks of these top brands! When you advertise with The Fan Carpet you can be confident that you are in the company of great brands like Vodafone, BT, SKY, Marks & Spencer, Samsung, Ford Focus and Amazon, to name a few.

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