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Clip Alert: A Good Man | They Are Using Human Shields | StudioCanal

Starring: Steven Seagal. Out Now on DVD and Digital Download.

Posted 11:58 AM 31st Aug 2014

Trailer Alert: Shaun the Sheep: The Movie | StudioCanal

In Production at Aardman Studios in Bristol and will open in UK Cinemas on February 6th 2015.

Posted 09:48 AM 29th Aug 2014

Trailer Alert: Horns | Lionsgate

Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple and Max Minghella. In Cinemas October 31.

Posted 06:02 PM 28th Aug 2014

Interview: Harley Sylvester + Gabe Turner | The Guvnors | Metrodome Distribution

The Fan Carpet's Mark Cording talks to Harley Sylvester and Gabe Turner ahead of the release of The Guvnors. In Cinemas August 29.

Posted 02:59 PM 27th Aug 2014

Premiere: Maika Monroe, Adam Wingard, Simon Barrett | The Guest | FrightFest

Mark Cording talks to Maika Monroe, Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett at FrightFest 2014. The Guest hits Cinemas on September 5.

Posted 01:53 PM 22nd Aug 2014

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