Dreaming Of Joseph Lees (1999)

26 November 1999


Somerset, 1958. Eva enters adulthood with good humor, keeping house for her absent-minded father, letting her younger sister Janie in on the secrets of growing up, working at a furniture factory, and dreaming of Joseph Lees, her second cousin who's off in Africa and Italy as a geologist, but has lost a leg in an accident. She's also considering the advances of a local farmer, Harry Flite, ebullient and head over heels for Eva. She agrees to live with him and seems happy, then at a family wedding, Joseph appears, she asks him to dance, and her fantasy begins to clash with Harry's obsession.

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film information
  • Release Date
  • 26 November 1999
  • Cast
  • Rupert Graves, Samantha Morton
  • Director
  • Eric Styles
  • Writer
  • Catherine Linstrum
  • Company
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Genre
  • Romance Drama
  • Cert
  • 12
  • Runtime
  • 92 minutes