Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

23 April 2008


Ever been dumped by your more attractive other-half whilst completely starkers?! Well rest assured, this kind of relationship disaster doesn’t have to spell misery as the must-own, outrageously funny comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall proves!
From first-time director Nicholas Stoller and highly acclaimed producer Judd Apatow (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up), comes the story of one man’s journey to get over the agony of being dumped. This hysterical film is available to own and rent on DVD and to own on Blu-ray disc from 15th September 2008. In addition to the theatrical version of the film, the DVD also contains an extended version, an additional 15 minutes of laugh aloud footage, as well as a host of deleted scenes and extras.
Jason Segel (Knocked Up), who also wrote the film, leads a pedigree cast as composer Peter Bretter, a regular bloke whose world is turned upside down when his sexy, television crime-fighter girlfriend Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell – Heroes) suddenly ends their five year relationship. A nightmare for any man, Peter is dumped while completely naked and left to wallow in his flat. He watches helplessly as television reports show Sarah shacking up with singer and notorious lothario Aldous Snow (the scene-stealing, homegrown British comedian Russell Brand - St Trinian’s).
Peter attempts to get back in the dating game, but new romantic encounters leave him in floods of tears and his manhood in doubt. As a result, Peter is encouraged by sensible step-brother Brian to put some distance between him and recent relationship trauma. Still obsessing over Sarah, Peter heads to her dream holiday destination, the exotic idyll of Oahu, Hawaii. But tropical heaven turns into island hell when he bumps into his ex-girlfriend and her hip, Brit rocker boyfriend seconds after arriving at the hotel. Hilarity and hysteria follow as Peter attempts to make the best of a bad situation.
He sets out on the road to recovery with a little help from comforting receptionist Rachel (Mila Kunis – Family Guy) and more than a few fruity cocktails. However, being surrounded by a pair of sexually incompetent newly weds, getting caught in the middle of the odd fist-fight and unable to stop howling from his balcony at night mean that this is no smooth ride!
It’s debatable whether pushy waiter Matthew (Jonah Hill – Knocked Up) and stoned surf instructor Chuck (Paul Rudd – Knocked Up, The 40-Year-Old Virgin) help or hinder the lovelorn Peter but their outrageous one-liners make for unmissable comedy. Throw in a few plot twists care of the self-involved Snow who flaunts his rock-star good looks and oozes sexual energy and we’re left wondering just what destiny has in store on this unexpectedly complicated trip to paradise?!
Guaranteed to have men and women laughing in equal measure, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a constant stream of fall-off-your-seat funny episodes complete with inebriated love ballads performed by the enigmatic Russell Brand, plenty of kinky sex and partying Hawaiian-style. This is one film you’ll want to remember, again and again!

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"Sure, it is one of the most cliché and predictable story lines of all time, but Forgetting Sarah Marshall is consistently engaging and funny throughout"

Just like "Superbad", this Apatow production did not disappoint. While many of the cast members may be recognisable, there seems to be something different about this installment than I've seen in the likes of "40 Year Old Virgin", "Superbad", or "Knocked Up".

There was a definite presence of the "TV actors" here, but Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, Russell Brand and Mila Kunis take to film like naturals. Like many Apatow productions, Segel penned the script and takes over as lead Peter Bretter, proving yet again that with this crew the writer is best suited for the leading role. Segel delivers a character we all know too well from our own personal experiences and never breaks role from the shocking beginning to appropriate ending.

Kristen Bell plays her part as the heartbreaker ex-girlfriend perfectly. At times her character, without giving too much away, is semi-tragic. Mila Kunis makes us fall in love with her character along with Peter. Russell Brand has the toughest job playing the ridiculous parody of a British rock-star, Aldous Snow, stealing every scene he's in. Brand plays a character in which the viewer is supposed to dislike, but it's virtually impossible. Everything he does, from his words and his facial expressions, to his ridiculous body language, is hilarious.

The supporting characters are just as good as they have been in every other Apatow movie. Jonah Hill gets some huge laughs as the hotel employee who has a man crush on the British rock-star. Paul Rudd is one of the best comic minds of our time and he is as funny as ever as Chuck/Kunu the hotel's surf instructor.

Sure, it is one of the most cliché and predictable story lines of all time, but Forgetting Sarah Marshall is consistently engaging and funny throughout, and really hones in on the hilarious one liners and awkward situational humor that seem to be the strength of most Apatow films. This comedy is another example of a good time for adults. It keeps a consistently flowing script, unlike many recent comedies that seem to lose pace as they close the story. While crude, the jokes are just light enough to appease most adult audiences. It seems Apatow has once again struck comedy gold. My only question is, how does he outdo this one?

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