Wild Bill director Dexter Fletcher in jubilant mood at London premiere

March 20 2012

Wild Bill director Dexter Fletcher admitted to feeling "blown away" at the première for his debut production, taking place in London last night.

Speaking to The Fan Carpet, the Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels star was in a jubilant mood as his well-received picture prepares for it's grand release this coming Friday.

"I think I need to calm down a bit, I'm fairly overexcited on the whole," Fletcher said.

"It's London, my home town and it's been two and a half years of hard work and finally we're here and it's hard to believe. I'm pretty blown away by it really."

Having worked with Guy Ritchie when the esteemed director was in his prime, the influences are clear to see in Wild Bill, which has really grasped the essence of the British gangster genre, with immense effect -  and Fletcher is touched by the response his film has received so far.

"All we can do is make a film we feel passionately about and that we like and then if people respond to it well then that's a huge bonus for us. Thing about is a film is that you make it, and then it goes out to the wider world and anything that happens you cant dictate, you can only hope for the best."

Working alongside old friends such as Charlie Creed-Miles, Andy Serkis and Jason Flemyng, Fletcher has combined such experience with the use of some fine young British talent, such as Will Poulter, Charlotte Spencer and Sammy Williams, to create this affecting drama, which centres on family dynamics - something Fletcher is keen to make clear.

"I only went as far as what I understand, I didn't dare attempt anything I hadn't experienced myself," he continued.

"I've had my problems with drugs which is fairly well documented and the story strays into that but I don't go too far down an avenue that I don't really understand. This is a family drama not a drug caper about drug deals gone wrong, it's a story about a family and it's where I felt most secure and know the most about.

I don't know about robbing banks or mugging people, I don't know about it so I don't do it in my film," he concluded.

Such a sentiment was echoed by leading protagonist Creed-Miles, as the Nil by Mouth star proclaimed it was the family theme which helped him approach this role.

"It's a film about a dad who wants to do the best job he can in difficult circumstances so being a parent myself it was kinda easy, any parent knows what it feels like to bring kids into this world and that really was my driving thread throughout the film," he said.

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