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June 6 2012

ILL MANORS is narratively linked through original music from Plan B, the film is a visually stunning and emotionally impactful experience, laced with street-wise humour. Ground-breaking in its approach, iLL MANORS proves to be one of the must-see films of 2012.

From Steve McQueen’s Hunger to Anthony Minghella’s Truly, Madly, Deeply via Danny Boyle’s Shallow Grave, to celebrate the release of first-time director Ben Drew’s British thriller iLL MANORS we will take a look at a selection of debut films from an array of British directors...

Withnail and I – (Bruce Robinson, 1987)

A British cult comedy classic, Withnail and I takes a peek into the lives of two unemployed young actors: the constantly drunk Withnail (Richard E. Grant) and anxiety-ridden“I” (Paul McGann). Set in 1969, the two actors live in a squalid flat in Camden Town and after months of terrible living conditions, Withnail suggests the two go on holiday to his Uncle Monty’s cottage in the Lake District. What ensues is an uproarious comedic adventure.

Truly, Madly, Deeply – (Anthony Minghella, 1990)

Starring Juliet Stevenson and Alan Rickman, this classic British drama/romance tells the story of Nina (Juliet Stevenson), who is heartbroken when her beloved boyfriend Jamie (Alan Rickman) dies. As she becomes more and more beside herself, Jamie reappears as a ghost and they continue with their relationship. Despite her excitement of his return, she notices that he is behaving differently, acting more self-centred and causing disruption in the house. Jamie’s behaviour ultimately drives Nina to find someone else, questioning if her relationship with Jamie has always been that way. The directorial debut of Anthony Minghella, this touching film still has prevalence twenty years later.

Shallow Grave – (Danny Boyle, 1994)

Not only was this the debut film for the now-renowned Danny Boyle, but thriller also made then little-known actors Ewan McGregor, Christopher Eccleston and Kerry Fox recognised actors. The plot follows three friends sharing a flat in Edinburgh. Seeking a new flat mate, they decide on the mysterious Hugo (Keith Allen), but when they find him dead from a drug overdose and discover a large amount of money in his suitcase, the story has only begun. This crime thriller brought many of today’s most talented into fame.

American Beauty – (Sam Mendes, 1999)

Said to be the ‘best film of 1999,’ American Beauty stars Kevin Spacey as a middle-class suburban father with the perfect life: the perfect wife, the perfect house. But he spirals into a mid-life crisis when he starts to have feelings for his teenage daughter’s friend Angela (Mena Suvari). Documenting how appearances are not everything, British director Sam Mendes makes a wonderful first impression with American Beauty.

Hunger – (Steve R. McQueen, 2008)

Following the story of the 1981 Irish hunger strike, Michael Fassbender stars as Bobby Sands, an IRA prisoner who led the hunger strike. The film also looks at the social and moral issues behind the strike. Receiving widespread critical acclaim, Steve R. McQueen’s debut earned him a Caméra d'Or (first-time director) Award at Cannes. He then went on to co-write and direct Shame in 2011.

iLL MANORS – (Ben Drew, 2012)

The highly anticipated directorial debut by pioneering British music artist Ben Drew (aka Plan B), iLL MANORS is a unique crime thriller set on the unforgiving streets of London, following six disparate lives, all struggling to survive the circles of violence that engulf them. There is ex-dealer Kirby, who has just been released from prison, thug Ed who will stop at nothing to find his missing phone, troubled Michelle who is just looking for her next hit, young Jake who finds himself drawn to the local gang, Chris, who seeks revenge, Katya, who is desperately trying to escape this foreign land, and Aaron, our main protagonist who is just trying to do the right thing. Narratively linked through original music from Plan B, the film is a visually stunning and emotionally impactful experience, laced with street-wise humour. Ground-breaking in its approach, iLL MANORS proves to be one of the must-see films of 2012.

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