Kay Cannon didn't realise Pitch Perfect would attract mostly women

October 6 2012

With the release of the Anna Kendrick starring Pitch Perfect opening in the UK in December, screenwriter Kay Cannon has admitted that she didn't realise the film would attract a mostly female audience during its US release.

Speaking to The Huffington Post Cannon said "I just really thought it was a good story. I'm a pretty competitive person and I was super excited to write a movie where it was a group of ladies doing and feeling what I felt growing up.

I guess in my head, I never thought of this - which, this is bad on me and is why I'm not in marketing - but I never thought until now, with the movie coming out, that this is for young ladies. I actually didn't think that. I was just trying to write a really funny movie that a bunch of people of both genders and all ages would like.

Does it resonate with younger crowds and females? Absolutely. But what I'm hoping is that people who aren't a part of that demographic are going to the movie and it exceeds their expectations. Or it's a lot funnier than they thought and that they like it. I think there's something there for everyone."

Directed by Jason Moore, Pitch Perfect also stars Brittany Snow, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Anna Camp and The Hunger Games's Elizabeth Banks.

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