Date of Birth : Jan 12th 1954

American radio personality. He is the host of The Howard Stern Show which has been exclusive to Sirius XM Radio, an uncensored satellite radio service, since 2006. Stern gained widespread recognition while on “terrestrial” airwaves, where he was labelled a “shock jock” for his outspoken and controversial nature. He is the highest-paid radio personality in the United States, including the most fined, following a history with the Federal Communications Commission over indecency that began in 1986.

Stern wanted to be on the radio since the age of five. In 1975, while attending Boston University, he presented a comedy program with friends at the campus radio station, WTBU. He made his professional debut working middays at WRNW in Westchester County, New York in 1977 for two years. He developed a more confident personality throughout 1979 and 1980 in morning positions at WCCC in Hartford, Connecticut and WWWW in Detroit, Michigan. In 1981, he paired with his news anchor Robin Quivers at WWDC in Washington, D.C., delivering high morning audience figures. In September 1982, Stern began an afternoon show at WNBC in New York City, the country’s most competitive radio market. Numerous management disputes led to an abrupt firing in September 1985, while Stern topped the afternoon ratings. He returned to New York airwaves on WXRK in November, broadcasting for over 20 years until leaving for Sirius XM in 2005.

Stern describes himself as the “King of All Media” for his successes outside radio. Since 1987, his television career includes successful late night talk shows and record-breaking pay-per-view specials. He is the author of Private Parts (1993) and Miss America (1995), both of which topped the New York Times Best Seller list in their first week of release. In 1997, the former was developed into a biographical comedy film starring Stern and some of his radio show staff as themselves. Directed by Betty Thomas, the film grossed over $40 million in the United States alone.


Private Parts ( 1997 )

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