Date of Birth : Mar 17th 1966

Sheffield trained as a ballet dancer with the Royal Ballet at Covent Garden before becoming an actor. He appeared as a dancer in Queen’s music video for I Want to Break Free. His ballet career was ended at the age of 27 by a broken toe and torn ligament. However he had a much more prominent (non dancing) music video role years later where he played the male lead opposite Natalie Imbruglia in the video for “Torn”, where he plays the guy who tries to approach to her but he gets separated from her by different reasons, this music video also gave him a little more exposure to the public eye.

He has notably been in the UK drama Holby City where he played Alex Adams (2000-2003), as well as the television drama Merlin. He starred in the 2005 movie The Wedding Date along side Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney. Sheffield recently had a cameo appearance in the final episode of Green Wing, playing a character Sue White (Michelle Gomez) was dating.

Sheffield can currently be seen in the United Kingdom and Ireland in an advertisement for Renault Clio with the French actress Annelise Hesme entitled “Ben and Sophie”. He regularly features on the BBC’s Holiday programme in which he has visited Mexico, Egypt, Sichuan, South Africa and Bermuda. In 2006 travelled to South Africa where eight celebrities competed to become rangers in a South African Reserve, for the 2007 series of BBC2’s Safari School. In the final, Sheffield came second to singing coach Carrie Grant.

The most recognisable is the commercial of “Renault Clio Sport” in 2006 and 2007, with French actress Annelise Hesme.


The Children ( 2008 )

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