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Don’t Make a Sound: A Conversation with Rising Star Noah Jupe for the Home Entertainment Release

A Quiet Place

A family lives in ‘A Quiet Place’, isolated from anyone else. They never make any noise, communicating entirely in sign language, because something’s out there that attacks at any sound.

They don’t know what it is, but they do know how to avoid it. Listen closely, move carefully, and never make a sound. Otherwise, whatever it is that’s menacing them will hear, it will come for them, and they won’t be able to escape.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski star in ‘A Quiet Place’, a nerve-wracking horror about this family’s desperate struggle to stay safe and silent.

The Fan Carpet’s Raj Virdi had the pleasure of speaking to rising star Noah Jupe about the film, he tells us about his character of Marcus, working with Emily Blunt, John Krasinski and Millicent Simmonds and working within an environment that is mostly silent…



First of all congratulations on being part of a great film, loved it when I watched it, full of tension. It was critically well received and did well at the box office, was that expected or unexpected you think?

Well I really had no idea how this movie was going to play out, I loved it because it was a really unique idea but people could have taken it either way so I didn’t know what was coming. But when it was 90 on Rotten Tomatoes, I realised that people where loving it, I was really excited because I had kind of helped create this movie which is really great.

I loved it, it’s my favourite horror film of the year so far so congratulations on that.

Ah that’s great.


So tell us about your character Marcus?

Well my character Marcus is kind of the verge of being a teenager kind of mature but he’s still kind of a kid and still needs his mum for safety but he’s kind of had to step up and be a man because of this crazy situation he’s in and it’s hard for him because all he wants to do is just play with his toys but he can’t because he has to go out fishing with his dad or eat food silently or help his mum with the washing or whatever, because his family needs help to survive and in this movie the big thing for him is becoming independent and becoming more, you know, more solo doing things for himself and helping others and showing bravery because it’s pretty scary the situation he’s in and he has to be brave when he goes to set off the fireworks and he has to be brave when he’s in the silo and whatever, like that basically.


You mentioned scary, considering your age, have you watched the complete film?

Yes definitely.


When you watched the finished film, did you think it was scary?

Yes very scary. I jumped at all the moments where you’re meant to jump even though I knew they where coming up.


(Laughs) perfect. And how as it working with your on-screen family, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Millicent Simmonds…

They where all really good because, you know, Emily and John are such idols to me and to other people and to see them, also married and have a connection as they do and to be working together on set and sharing ideas and talking all the time was amazing so they had a great connection.

Also me and Milly where both from different places and we’d never been to this up state New York before, so that was a new place, we were a few doors down from each other so we’d see each other every day, we’d go out for Japanese food everyday, we’d watch movies everyday so our connection was really great and I still talk to Milly to this day and so it was like a family, and also all the crew where lovely and just made me feel at home so the whole thing was actually really safe even though the whole movie was about not being safe.


Yes indeed and producing a movie that’s mostly silent how was it working in an environment that you had to be mostly silent in?

It was fun, you know, I loved testing out what made sound and what didn’t make sound I was always asking John “would they hear it?”, we had to kind of be in the movie because we where testing out things, learning what sounds were safe and what weren’t safe, you know, it was really fun testing out and to realise that Milly is living this all the time and to see her world in a way.


Talking about Milly, did you have a better appreciation of sign language and the deaf community after this film?

Definitely. I’m in love with that whole community, I learnt sign language, well you need a few years to learn sign language perfectly, but I can have conversations with Milly, I can talk to her, and I just love being a part of it because, you know, it’s really fun to learn something different and to see how other people, who may not necessarily know about how they live they work and how they communicate.


And in terms of pursuing the sign language, are you going to keep it up for the foreseeable future and be a part of your life?

Yes although it’s quite hard because in England there’s English Sign Language and I don’t know any of that and in America there’s American Sign Language, so I’ll keep talking to Milly every time I go out to America and I’ll try and see her, I want to keep it up but it’s hard to do because I live in a place where it’s not so popular.



And you say about Milly, how did you get on with Cade?

Cade was great, he was only there for a few days actually but he was a great little kid he was making everyone laugh on set, making everyone smile and you know he was a great little asset to the team.


And how did you feel when his character got killed off?

It was funnily not sad on the day but when I saw the movie it was so horrifying, you know, when you saw the actual monster take him out that was the worst, you know, it was kind of hard to get a grasp what it would look like on the day, but it was still quite sad.


And you know the film begins 89 days after the creatures arrive, what do you think in your imagination happens in those first 89 days?

Well I’m thinking they attacked the big cities like such as New York and everywhere else. I’m not sure maybe they’ve taken over the whole world yet maybe they’re still growing and across the world but you know they’ve taken over the big cities and are moving out of the areas and spreading out and people are starting to hear about it and realise they have to be silent and try to find ways to kill these creatures, so it’s still in a kind of confusion point it’s not like oh everyone knows what to do now, it’s how do we manage to live with these creatures.


And as a person what’s scares you?

Oh that’s a really hard question, a lot of things scare me, independence scares me, being trapped in a room by myself would really scare me, the monsters really scare me because they can find you in a way that you’ve always used, so they can find you if you make noise and the only way you can survive is if you make noise and if you look at the family who use sign language if you don’t have that then it’s going to be so tricky for you to stay alive or to keep them alive as well.


Right. I was going to say, a scene between you and your sister that’s filmed in the grain silo that was a very tense scene, was it hard work or fun?

Yeah we where in there for a few days and there was a lot of corn everywhere, it was hard, it was hard work but it was actually really fun, it was great fun to imagine yourself drowning in corn, it was totally safe there was no way you could ever get hurt of any kind. But they built these two ramps that kind of went downwards and when you would move downwards you would get lower in the corn until you where under the corn.


And you know in the movie what is your favourite part, favourite scene that you’re a part of?

I really liked the fireworks scene because we got to watch the fireworks, basically the fireworks into the corn, that whole scene where I hear something and I’m running away from the supposed monster, that was my favourite scene because we where out at night, it was hard work, there were a lot of bugs, we had to do a lot of running, you know I’m quite athletic so I like that thing, and it was kind of like stunts which I love, yeah that was probably my favourite night and it’s probably my favourite scene as well.


And is it true you where cast in A Quite Place on a recommendation from George Clooney?

I think so, I really don’t know, I think John heard about me from a few people and then he met me, I think one of them was George Clooney but if it was that would be really cool.

That’s a great thing to have on your CV (laughs)

(Laughs) Yeah yeah exactly.


There is talk of a sequel to A Quiet Place, how would you feel about being in a sequel to A Quiet Place?

I’d love to do it, maybe they’ll do a prequel, I don’t know what they’re going to do with it they could do a lot of things but if they ask me I would love to do it.


And because it deals with aliens and things, what do you think about life on other planets and space etc?

I think there’s a whole other world to what we can see, you know like dark matter and I think there’s a whole other place that we can maybe see or our eyes aren’t tuned to that sort of thing, but I believe that something might exist.


Until the sequel to A Quiet Place, what projects have you got lined up for yourself in the future?

Well I’ve just finished filming Honey Boy with Shia LaBeouf and Lucas Hedges and it’s directed by Alma Har’el and then next month I start filming Ford vs Ferrari I don’t know if that’s the name of it yet but it’s really about racing cars and like races and stuff, so I start shooting that in a few weeks and then I think I’m not doing much.

Well you’ve done an amazing amount for someone so young so congratulations on that and congratulations for everything that you do for the future and like I said A Quite Place is my favourite horror film of the year so you’ve got a fan on this end of the phone, so thank you very much for your time Noah and enjoy the rest of your wonderful day.




A Quiet Place Film Page

A Quiet Place is out now on Digital Download and comes to 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™ and DVD August 13

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