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EXCLUSIVE: Superheroes and Odysseys : A Conversation with the Multi-Talented Alida Pantone

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Alida Pantone is an Actress, Director and Producer.

Her acting career includes feature films “Polar”, “The Rapture”(starring Jaime Murray, Danny Dyer, Billy Murray; Dir. by William Steel), several short-films, music videos and commercials.

Director of the “London Rolling Film Festival” and founder of the Actors co-op “Pro-Actors London” (P.A.L.), Alida Pantone is also a Producer (“Miss Julia”, “The Guest”) and Director (“The Guest”). She will be performing at the beginning of August in the London West End (Phoenix Artist Club) as “Maya Belviso” in “Eternity Station”, part of Screen Rebels’ new Production “Odysseys”.



Was there a defining moment for you to get into the film industry?

I don’t think there is just one defining moment that got me into the film industry. I knew I wanted to become a famous actress, to be remembered for generations like Sofia Loren, Anna Magnani, Alida Valli (I grew up being called Alida Valli from my grandma’s local butcher and baker, often having my name associated to this famous Italian actress of the 50’s). 

My parents though are not fans of the movie business world and never really believed I could (or should) follow this dream. I am quite stubborn so I kept dreaming and eventually I found someone that not only believed I could make it but also pushed me to focus 100% on my acting career, making of this dream a plan. Moving to London surely represented a significant milestone for my step into the film industry. 


How did you first get involved with Screen Rebels and what was it about Superheroes that appealed to you?

I met Kai Henderson via a mutual friend (Raj The Magician, who is a master in connecting people!) and a few weeks after he contacted me on Facebook asking if I would be interested in playing a role in a showcase he was organising. I felt honoured that they thought of me for what was a very interesting role. The  Screen Rebels project itself is a great platform for an actor, giving the opportunity to work with different writers, directors and talented artists. So when they kept asking me to be part of the cast and also started writing roles specifically for me I couldn’t be more happy.


What can you tell us about your character and where they fit into the story?

In Superheroes I play an important role, but I am on stage only with 3 lines at the very end. I really wanted to be part of the show (who doesn’t wanna be a Superhero?!) but I wasn’t able to attend 2 of the 3 rehearsals as I was going to the Cannes Film Festival. So the writers had to challenge themselves to fit me into the story even if I wasn’t able to rehearse with the group. This is how they gave birth to A’TYXU (my character), a trans-dimensional spirit. A’tyxu’s presence can be felt throughout the entirety of the show, weaving her dastardly designs on all the super beings. I felt very confident in this role, perhaps because conquering the World is somehow what I try to do every day with my acting career.



What do you have coming up next with Screen Rebels? 

I’m very excited to have been cast in a main role for next Screen Rebels show, where I’ll be “Maya Belviso”, a capricious, quick to temper designer, protagonist of the supernatural chiller “Eternity Station”  by Lorenzo Fantini.  


Outside of Screen Rebels, what do you have coming up that you can tell us?

Soon after Screen Rebels’s shows (6 and 9 August) I will be on stage 11 and 12 August at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre in “Promozioni”, by Anna Carfora, Directed by Tonje Olaussen for the Camden Fringe Festival 2017.
Film-wise there’s noting official yet I can talk about, but finger crossed on two lovely feature films who showed interest in having me in the cast. (I’ll tell you more about them when the contracts are signed!)
As you know, I recently also started moving little steps towards becoming a producer. “The Guest” (the web series I directed) is going to be released in October. I’m also in pre-production for a series of short films to showcase the “Pro-Actors London” talents. The 15th of August it’s going to be 2 years since I founded this group and I’m looking forward to celebrate our birthday. Of course you are all invited!

And then there is the London Rolling Film Festival in September.


Fandoms are a big part of the industry, what are some of your favourites? 

No idea! Sorry, can’t answer this question.   It would probably sound a bit retro but I’m a big fan of the Addams family… Dressing up like Morticia is probably the closest I went to the fandoms world.


What advice do you have for someone aspiring to embark on a career in the film industry? 

Don’t stay still, create your own luck.



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