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Insanity Fair: A Conversation with Acclaimed Actor + Singer Meital Dohan

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International celebrity, actor and singer Meital Dohan has a new art exhibition showcasing her collaboration with artist Zoobs Ansari in London called Insanity Fair for the public to see a collection of more than thirty works created by Zoobs over the last six years. Insanity Fair will range across many of Zoobs most striking portraits of celebrities and figures from the world of fashion and music, including John Lennon, Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, and Melanie Griffith. The exhibition will be held on March 13th at Elephant West.

Meital was recently be seen in her cameo with her pet tiger in the film Caberet Maxime. Meital appears in the film alongside her friend and colleague from The Sopranos, Johnny Ventimiglia, who also co-starred with Meital in the critically acclaimed off-Broadway play “Stitching,” as well as fellow The Sopranos alumni Michael Imperioli who Meital co-starred with in the thriller “Foreclosure”.

In our interview, Meital Dohan returns to The Fan Carpet to tell us about her current project with Zoobs; Insanity Fair, working with the David Lynch Foundation and what’s next for her…



Welcome back to The Fan Carpet, you recently collaborated with Zoobs for Insanity Fair, what can you tell us about how that team up came about and working on it?

We’ve actually been working together for several years … were good friends and he is such an inspiring artist to be around. Somehow we always find ourselves doing something creative together …Once I even took photos of Zoobs in weird positions in the pool at 5 am….well that’s another story lol…


You were recently Meitali in Cabaret Maxime, what can you tell us about working on that and where Meitali fits into the story?

I love and enjoy working with my dear friends and colleagues … I had the pleasure to be a long time friend of John Ventimiglia and work with him again in this film …we collaborated on many projects like the off broadway show we did together “Stitching” and also with Michael Imperioli in the movie Foreclosure together…. So working again with the same cast feels like being home …so besides Cabaret Maxime being a beautiful funny yet sad old time cabaret movie directed by the wonderful Bruno Del Almado I also enjoyed working with my friends and colleagues again.


You have a lot going on with many projects in varying stages of production, how do you manage to juggle everything at once?

I don’t believe in the concept of time so I never say I don’t have time, the opposite I’m always happy to find another hidden hour behind the clouds.


You’ve appeared in many music videos, featuring a lot wit notable artists including Sean Kingston, do you approach these differently to the films you star in?

Whether I create music videos or roles in a movie, my initial thoughts are thatI when I get involve with the creative process is what is the piece the song, the character, the play, what do they want, what do they say? Then I ask what is my role in this , what do I want, and what do I say? Then I work on becoming the expression of the answers to those questions.



Last time we spoke you gave us Tiger care tips, how’s he doing?

He’s great Charlie my beloved tiger he’s everything to me …. in fact he’s performs with me in Cabaret Maxime. He has pretty solid licks and moves in the dance number…


You’re working with the David Lynch foundation, what can you tell us about the continued great work from the organization?

Together with my dear friend and mentor Bob Roth the head of the David Lynch Foundation and author of the best selling book ‘Strength In Stillness’ and now together with Alex Kutai the head of the David Lynch Foundation in Israel we are working on the resilience project over there and our goal is to bring Trans Meditation for Israeli citizens who are in need. That will include women, soldiers, and citizen groups who live in areas that are at risk. Im super motivated and excited to spread TM in Israel.


Last time you mentioned Pig Tale by Marie Darrieussecq that hasn’t been adapted to film or TV or Netflix yet would you want to feature in it if the opportunity arose? Any others that you’d love to be a part of?

Oh yes I want to play the pig ASAP pls !!! can u make that happen I forgot all about it…


With the emergence of streaming services like Netflix, how do you think they impact the production of independent movies? What do you think the future of Cinema is?

I think the whole streaming evolution is fantastic and brings back the power into the hands of the artists. In a sense there are so many different avenues and routes you can take when you’re crafting your creation ….. I think independent movies reflect the voice of the artists and now they can also be supported by the various streaming platforms and outlets.



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