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You Have The Right To Dream It and then Live It: A Conversation with Award winning Actress Amy Kinder

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Amy Kinder is an award winning actress and a martial artist (who specialises in action films) from Bristol UK and was born on the 29th December 1999 in Bath, UK. She started acting in late 2015 and is best known for feature film Contact 4:12 and the Two In the Bush TV Series.

As a Martial Artist, Amy most desires to play Bad Ass, strong characters. She feels these roles would be the most fun to play! She also wants to perform in a period piece and continue portraying gritty dramatic roles.

In our interview, Amy tells The Fan Carpet‘s Marc Jason Ali what first compelled her to get into Acting, using her Martial Arts skills, tells us about her upcoming roles and heading to LA to shoot Emergency: LA…




If we go back to the beginning was there a defining moment for you to get into the film industry?

I was consistently inspired by films, TV shows and plays in my early years and always enjoyed drama classes at school. I would have to say that since the passing of a close family member, I have been inspired to live life to its fullest. Thus pursuing my ever growing acting career. That would be the sole reason for me going into the unknown and trying my hand at acting.


You won an Award for your acting, what impact has that had on your career? 

After the pleasant surprise of winning the award, my career has blown up within the last six months. With multiple projects and opportunities to work with some of the best in the business.


As a Martial Artist as well, do you weave that into the roles you take on?

Being trained within the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has certainly helped me to develop a great screen fighting presence. So yes, for particular roles or when it’s required I definitely incorporate it.


Looking at your IMDb, you have a few projects coming up, what can you tell us about your roles?

A young fighter pilot faced with a major dilemma, a catholic teenager with a heart breaking past and a young sister who’s in need of a moral compass, these are just some of the many future roles I’ve been fortunate to be cast as.

One of my most anticipated upcoming projects is the series “Emergency: LA”. The series is a drama and follows different emergency service personnel lives on a daily basis. I play a recurring guest star; the younger sister of one of the main doctors. The role is very exciting for me, with the director and producer coming up with lots of great ideas for my character; I’ll leave it at that! Filming will take place at LA in 2017.


Is the Action genre your preferred genre or are there any genres that you haven’t done yet that you’d like to?

Referring back to my martial arts background, the action genre is certainly my forte. However, I would like the opportunity to be involved in a period drama at some point in the future. I’ve been told I have the look for one and find it interesting to see what it would be like to “live” in the past.




With your career being in the early stages, are there any other aspects of the industry that you would like to do at some point?

I’ve certainly experimented and seen what it would be like behind the camera and I can honestly say it isn’t for me. This doesn’t mean I might not change my mind in the future, but for now I belong in front of the camera for sure.


You’ve completed work on The Visit, and from what I have seen from it, it’s an intense and gripping piece, do you have any memorable moments from that set?

Ah yes, that was a great day and lots of fun to film! There was a moment where just before I leave at the end, I hang up the phone and walk off. Well, let me tell you that was harder than it looked (laughs). There were numerous takes when it wouldn’t hold on the cradle and as soon as they called cut me and my scene partner would burst out laughing. I mean, we were trying to be dramatic here!


You work a lot on shorts, TV and film, do you approach the roles differently? What have you found the most challenging when working in these mediums?

Yes, I pride myself on the diversity and content of my work. Due to the different stories and characters I will approach the roles accordingly but the different mediums also have an impact. Every role is challenging therefore in its own respect, but I love it anyway!


Is there any role out there that given the choice you would love to play?

Anything that kicks ass! No, but seriously, playing a strong female character is important to me as I don’t feel there are really enough of them yet, so if I can contribute to keeping them alive, then it’s a real honour. I’m mainly looking to play someone with great depth and personality, those roles are always satisfying!


Do you have a wish list of who you want to work with?

Yep! I have lots of directors, actors/actresses I want to work with. Too many to list here but my favourite actor has always been Tom Hanks, his film career is incredible and he seems just so down to earth, everything actors should look up to. It would be surreal if I ever got the chance to work with him, but who knows what the future holds!




Keep up-to-date with Amy on IMDb and Facebook.


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