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101  Films Release The Trailer, Poster And Photo Set For Garry Walsh’s Directorial Debut WICKEDLY EVIL Ahead Of Digital Release

18 October 2023

Genre-bending heist-gone-horrible, comedy-horror sees the chaotic misadventures of three hapless hoodlums who get more than they bargain for while laying low in the Irish countryside

Prepare for some Wickedly Evil thrills and bloody chills, in this comedy horror caper that sees a group of hapless hodlums’ lives  spiral out of control as they attempt to lay low in the Irish countryside after pulling off a heist. Marking the directorial  debut of Garry Walsh (Older Than Ireland), the film is set for its UK digital release this November, courtesy of 101  Films.  

Incompetent gangsters, Frankie (Joseph McGucken The Doireann Project), Dancer (James Farrelly) and Gaz (Darryl  Carter) have successfully robbed a notorious Irish crime family, but that’s the last thing that goes right for them… Spotted  making a run for it by Clare (Louise Bourke Who We Love), the mob’s youngest sister, things take a terrifying turn for the worse. 



With Clare taken hostage, one of the gang missing and another nursing a gunshot wound, the men have no choice but to lay  low in the remote Irish countryside in a safe house, where their problems continue to mount... Their boss, The Chief (Owen  Roe Intermission), is concerned more about the cocaine and the cash than the safety of his crew.  

Meanwhile, suspicions begin to brew among the local police, while the well-meaning next-door neighbour, Sadie (Cat L. Walsh),  offers leftover lasagne and warnings about a couple that recently vanished in the area...  



As paranoia takes hold and tensions flare, the situation begins to spiral out of control and the gang soon discovers that evil  lurks in the most unexpected places...  

With its blend of boisterous humour, blood curdling monstrous mayhem and a totally twisted narrative, you won't want to  miss this Wickedly Evil horror-comedy. 



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About 101 Films
101 Films is one of the largest independent distributors of film in the UK. Founded in 2011 and acquired by Amcomri Media Group in 2016,  it remains one of the UK’s fastest growing independent entertainment brands, having acquired over 1,000 movies. In addition to its slate of  new and modern movies for all rights, 101 Films’ Black and Red physical imprint continues to reinvent, restore and re-release cult and  classic films on Blu Ray. 101 Films distributes across all forms of media: physical, digital, TV, SVOD and AVOD.

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