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24 hero Kiefer Sutherland snapped outside the George V hotel in Paris

27 October 2010

24 action star Kiefer Sutherland was snapped outside the George V hotel in Paris. The Lost Boys star was all smiles as he signed autographs and joked with onlookers.

His distinct voice can be heard in Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space as he reprises his role of General W.R. Monger. The straight to DVD release sees Susan Murphy (a.k.a. Ginormica) and the Monsters working with the US government as special ops. When an alien presence is detected in Susan's hometown of Modesto, California -- right before Halloween -- the team is dispatched to investigate. Everything appears normal, right down to the jack-o-lanterns peering out from every doorstep and windowsill. But when Halloween arrives, those innocent-looking carved pumpkins reveal themselves for what they really are mutant aliens. The altered pumpkins then start to implement their fiendish plan to take over Earth. The Monsters are there to combat the mutant gourds and try to smash their wicked scheme!

He will next be seen alongside the stunning Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia from controversial writer and director Lars von Trier. Not much is known about the latest project, but the science fiction drama also stars father and son duo Stellan and Alexander Skarsgård and is expected in cinemas in 2011.

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