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3 Careers for Creative Minds

15 May 2015

You’re a creative individual who has always thrived in the arts, but you're stumped when it comes to finding the right job where you can apply your talents. You have the drive and motivation to pursue your passion, though the idea of being a “starving artist” is not all that appealing.

Finding the right career field can be tough, but it's not impossible. Narrow your focus by looking for jobs in design or videography that will allow you to exercise your creative muscles, while providing the financial support you need.

Set yourself up for creative success with these three job considerations:

1. User Experience Designer
We live in a technology-driven world, but a career in computer science isn't for everyone. If you're technologically-gifted and seeking a career that combines design and tech, consider being a user experience (UX) designer. UX designers are primarily involved with creating a pleasant experience for people that use software. This could range from everyday phone apps, to company websites, eCommerce sites, and industry-specific data software such as the kind used in hospitals. Taking a psychology-driven approach, UX designers sketch out and wireframe the basic design that will best benefit the user. This role involves creative thinking, and anticipating users' needs as they navigate the site or software.

Tableau Software is an up-and-coming company that places a lot of emphasis on employee creativity and ingenuity — it's a great place to start when looking for a career in the growing field of user experience design.

2. Art Director
Art directors have the main say in the visual layout and presentation of published media. About 15 percent of art directors work for advertising and public relations firms, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while others work for newspaper and magazine publishers, specialized design services firms, and the motion picture and video industries. Art directors generally have a background in photography, videography, or design. They possess an eye for effective photo, video, graphics, and artwork, which they use to produce masterpiece magazine spreads, website layouts, stunning movie trailers, product packaging that pops off the shelf, and much more.

Amazon is a multifaceted company, which is growing quickly and always on the hunt for fresh talent. Because of the volume in visual content produced, creative, design-focused roles, like art directors or creative imaging managers, are open on a frequent basis.

3. Videographer
As the popularity of video content increases exponentially online, the need for skilled videographers is growing as well. Videographers use the art of video photography to capture everything from how-to videos, to daily content for news stations, and product demonstrations.

Companies like LifeLock regularly enlist videographers to produce their video testimonials, where real-life customers share insight about their experience with the identity protection company's services.

When selecting your career of choice, consider your skills, interests, and level of experience before applying for a job — after all, there's nothing worse than going to work each day while dreaming of a different career. Embrace your creative talents and think outside the box when looking for a job. The right one is out there!

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