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18 November 2021

A huge selection of recent shows are based on previous works like novels, books, and other forms of stories. When written stories are recreated in the television world, they don’t always translate well. There have been lots of highly anticipated shows that didn’t live up to the novel or book series they were based on. Fortunately, there have been several successful shows that were inspired by book series that are worth your time. These are 4 binge worthy shows that were based on novels.




This Netflix original You was almost a missed opportunity. It first debuted on Lifetime, but there wasn’t much viewership of the show on this streaming platform. Netflix saw the potential of You, and it was released in December 2018 as an original show. Due to Netflix having millions of people wanting to view shows like You, it was an instant success. “The book series did well, but wasn’t mainstream until the TV show adaptation had taken storm all over social media. So far there have been 3 seasons of You, and they all have been successful,” shares Anthony Pence, TV blogger at Boomessays and Research Paper Help. The show follows Joe Goldberg, a book loving sociopath who falls in love with women way too quickly. There are quite a few differences between the book and TV series, but all the changes made have been beneficial to the reception of the show. Season 4 is expected to drop at the second end of 2022. The best shows keep you entertained each episode.



Pretty Little Liars

When Pretty Little Liars aired on ABC back in 2010, the show caught the attention of primarily a crowd of crazy teenage fangirls. Pretty Little Liars is about the missing case of Alison Dilaurentis, a member of the friend group of the main characters. The girls are still trying to cope with the disappearance of Alison when randomly they get a text from an anonymous person labeled as “A”. Throughout the series, the girls try to overcome challenges A throws at them, and discover mysteries in their town called Rosewood. The book has a few different story lines, and has a different ending from the TV series. Though there are plot and character changes, the book series became a TV sensation that still draws in new viewers each year.



The Handmaid’s Tale

Famous and honorable author Margaret Atwood is best known for her incredible book, “The Handmaid’s Tale.” She approved Hulu’s wish to take her story and make it into an original show on their platform. “The dystopian novel made a huge impact when it became a show in 2017. The messages of female oppression and inequality relate to similar instances in both our society and world history,” says Tiana Barker, writer at Write My Paper and State Of Writing. The main character Offred battles with her life as a Handmaid. Her role in the republic of Gilead is to provide a child for a family who can’t reproduce. Even the noble women in Gilead have minimal power and purpose in the tolitrainin society. The novel and book are quite similar, though the character development is taken to a further level because the original story was primarily centered around Offred alone. Since the book had an open ending, the show adaptation was able to continue the story of Offred and the fellow people of Gilead.



Orange is The New Black

Many are unaware, but Orange is The New Black was created because of a book that an inmate named Piper Kerman wrote on her experience in prison. The show’s creators wanted to shine light on how women are treated poorly in prison. Orange is The New Black’s characters are all based on the inmates mentioned in Piper’s books. The purpose of the show was to spread awareness for the injustice in prisons, and how several inmates were given longer sentences than necessary for their crimes. In the show, Piper Chapman is the main character. She goes to prison for about a year for a small part of a crime she was involved in with her ex-girlfriend Alex Vauseman. Throughout her short stay, Piper witnesses the hidden reality of the true operations of prisons. A variety of diverse characters are brought to the attention of the audience, helping us understand how these minorities have been wronged by the prison system.

All of these stories are both well developed in novel and television format. These encapsulating, theme filled stories will keep you hooked up until the final episode or chapter.

Writer Emily Henry works at both Custom Essay and Academized Reviews. Emily writes about novels and current TV shows. She also tutors at Dissertation Writing.

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