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From VIDEO STREAMING, VIDEO SOCIAL MEDIA, VIDEO CALLING To AR & VR: 4 Top Trends In The Online Entertainment Industry

10 June 2021

In this digital age, we can truly consider ourselves lucky due to such a vast development of technology (especially online tech) and all the benefits it brings. The times have changed, and so have we. We have gladly embraced better communication, both in and outside the business world, an abundance of tools and software that eases our daily grind, and online entertainment developments that never cease to amaze. 

Gaming, video streaming, VR & AR, and video social media are just some of the trends we love and indulge in. So let’s take a peek at what the most exciting trends because the online entertainment industry literally exploded in popularity and innovation since the pandemic’s onset. 


Video streaming, video social media, video calling

In the last couple of years, the number of streaming platforms has rapidly grown, and rightly so. Our devices that grow ever stronger can now support flawless streaming of our favorite content (whether it is music, movies or TV programs) on mobile phones, laptops, desktops, all thanks to the expanding availability of the internet. Thus the vast number of streaming platforms. It all started with Netflix and Hulu, only to be followed by Amazon Prime and Disney+, which are among many that have increased the market selection, and due to the increasing interest, this trend is perpetually on the rise.

As far as the video on social media goes, we don’t have to look much further than Tik Tok’s booming popularity this year. Video-based social media has become the favorite means of getting the message across. People are eager to make these videos as much as they are to watch them. This trend is undoubtedly taking over, and we can expect its transformations in the time to come. Instagram’s reels are another popular method for posting video content along with music and text. 

What saved so many friendships and kept families closer together during the COVID-19 outbreak is video calling. It’s not hard to guess that Zoom is leading the trend. Although it’s not the only tool to provide multi-user video calls, other platforms are struggling to keep up with the ease of use, quality of call and free options. 



Online gambling 

While some take advantage of the online world to improve financial stability and education, some use it as an endless source of entertainment, most of the time. However, there are those who have managed to combine the three and spend hours online learning, having fun, and gaining profit, simultaneously by engaging in online games of chance. Safe participation in such a form of entertainment brings about many benefits. 

Firstly, the number of games is enormous. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a complete beginner or a professional player. However, casinos have made certain that newbies have everything they need to reach the levels of senior players. They offer free games where one can practice without investing money, great bonuses, and loads of tutorials. If you’re considering playing any casino games, get acquainted with gambling terms and phrases so you can follow the steps towards success more easily. Keep at it, and you’ll be playing with the big shots in no time at all.

However, the abundance of games and all the help is practically useless without self-control and a careful selection of online casinos. Experience in gambling is not only reflected in strategy but in a well-managed budget and the ability to quit while you’re ahead. Never spend more than you can afford, and never let temptation get the best of you. 

Gaming and eSports

One more thing the pandemic succeeded to hinder is live sporting events. One way to go around it was for teams, leagues, promoters, athletes and fans alike to embrace eSports competitions. Although it wasn’t as good as the real deal, it helped maintain fan engagement and fill empty broadcasting slots. And you could see it all - from all sorts of racing cycling to team sports like basketball and football. Millions couldn’t wait to tune into virtual events and cheer the players on.  This gave birth to new consumer engagement that is yet to prosper in 2021. 

As far as video games are concerned, the industry doubled its revenue in the last five years. In-game microtransactions, new game launches combined with advertising are promising another year at the top when it comes to profit. In addition, new consoles that will tickle the interest of millions are constantly being developed, and cloud streaming services will keep the demand growing. 




Augmented reality (or AR) became widely popular with the introduction of PokemonGo. Through the popular game, AR became an integral part of many, many lives and daily routines. Although the first, there are other popular games besides PokemonGo that implement AR into the gameplay, such as Spirit Camera and Harry Potter, Wizards Unite. 

Things are not much different when we talk about virtual reality. Its sole purpose is to make the online world seem more realistic. And its not only about the games anymore - VR has expanded to so many industries that can use its advantages for educational purposes. For instance, future surgeons can practice operations in VR before taking on their first patient. 

To add to the aforementioned online casino experience, VR has managed to enhance it by making the players feel as if they were in the most prestigious world casinos. This also helped the interaction with other players seem more realistic and this 3D virtual experience is sure to capture the hearts of many casino game enthusiasts. 

Final thoughts

The entertainment industry is looking for online options more and more since this is what customer behavior dictates. The online experience is becoming almost irreplaceable, and the shift is certain to bring more exciting options for consumers and profit for the publishers. The future sure looks bright for the online entertainment industry. 

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