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5 Beauty & Style Tips Inspired By 2015 Oscar Stars

04 March 2015

The Oscar winners and nominees of 2015 aren't lauded for just their outstanding on-screen performances — Oscar stars are natural beauties with impeccable style. Check out these style and beauty tips inspired by five acclaimed Academy Award winners and nominees.

Julianne Moore Best Actress Winner for 'Still Alice'
Julianne Moore is one of Hollywood's beloved redheads whose signature locks have made beauty statements both on and off the red carpet. The Academy Award-winning starlet recently wowed The Hollywood Reporter in a glammed-out Givenchy dress in emerald green. The contrast between the emerald hues and her red locks reflects her stunning style. From a photo shoot to the 2015 SAG Awards, Moore has made make emerald her standout look.

Photo by nicolas genin via Wikimedia Commons

Style Tip: Highlight your auburn hair with a green frock, blazer or blouse. Then give your locks loose waves, Julianne Moore-style.

Marion Cotillard Best Actress Nominee for 'Two Days, One Night'
This French femme stays true to her Parisian roots, whether she's red-carpet radiant or street chic. Marion Cotillard is known for her perfected Parisian-inspired style, and undeniably, Cotillard's style is always on point. The "Two Days, One Night" star donned a floor-length white eyelet Christian Dior couture gown at the Oscars, but when the French actress dresses down, she still manages to embrace her graceful and stylish Parisian roots.

Photo by nicogenin via Wikimedia Commons

Style Tip: Emulate Cotillard's minimalist casual statements with a collection of versatile striped tees. Create a charming look by pairing a striped tee with trousers and ankle buckle flats. To be a bit more daring, show off a leopard cape, rimmed sunglasses and leather booties with a classic three-quarter length striped top, à la jet-setting Cotillard at LAX airport.

Felicity Jones Best Actress Nominee for 'The Theory of Everything'
If there's one thing to know about brunette beauty Felicity Jones, it's that she's fierce. Jones doesn't have to try hard to steal glances. With her blunt fringe bangs, piercing olive green eyes and soft-yet-killer smile, Jones stands out as a jaw-dropping, natural beauty. Teen Vogue breaks down how to achieve the Oscar-nominee's flawless look, from bold red lips to dramatic charcoal-rimmed eyes.

Beauty Tip: Make your lips center stage with a fire engine red lipstick hue, especially while out on the town. Deliver the eye-catching look with understated makeup like light mascara and soft eye makeup. For her rock-glam look, make a statement with gray-black smoky eyes. Then downplay the lips with a neutral gloss.

Reese Witherspoon Best Actress Nominee for 'Wild'
The Oscar-nominee and "Wild" star is known not only for her award-winning film performances but her enviable and elegant sense of style. And when it comes to Reese Witherspoon's hip and casual everyday looks, her handbag always makes a statement. From the airport to an afternoon of shopping, Witherspoon knows how to rock designer arm candy.

Photo by Eva Rinaldi via Wikimedia Commons

Style Tip: Start your own luxury handbag collection with a designer satchel, a versatile carryall for any occasion. You can ditch the detachable strap and carry the bag to make a statement or wear the bag across the body for a hands-free, laid-back look.

Emma Stone Best Supporting Actress Nominee for "Birdman"
Charming and quirky Emma Stone gives us plenty of reasons to be her fan. She's wildly talented, funny and beautiful. Typically known for her signature wavy red hair, Stone chopped it into a fierce bob and debuted the look at the "Birdman" premiere last August. Recently other celeb beauties have swapped their longer locks for an edgy bob.

Photo by www.flickr.com/people/evarinaldiphotography via Wikimedia Commons

Style Tip: Short hair don't care! Dare to cut your hair into a trendy short bob with side-swept bangs and choppy layers. Let your tresses air-dry for a carefree natural look, or curl hair into loose waves.