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From Always Playing The Same Bet To Time And Money Management: 5 Simple Casino Gambling Strategies That Work Just Like In The Movies

29 November 2021

How come some people tend to leave casinos as winners more often than their counterparts? If this is just luck-based, shouldn’t their chances turn, as well? Shouldn’t their gains be random, as well?

These are just some of the questions that bother a lot of new gamblers and casino goers. Fortunately, with the right use of casino strategies, you can easily improve your overall gambling experience.

Keep in mind that while all of these strategies are incredibly effective, they don’t necessarily work in the way you expect them to. While they are quite effective at what they’re trying to achieve, this isn’t always resulting in a guaranteed monetary gain. Let’s check it out!

Always Play the Same Bet

This is more of a psychological trick that will help you triumph against one of the worst plights of gambling – remorse. You see, opportunity loss is a concept with an entirely different meaning in gambling. Imagine a scenario in which you play roulette and bet on red 10 times in a row. After these 10 unsuccessful bets, you decide to change the approach and place your bet on the black only for this 11th spin to end up with the ball on the red field. How bad would this make you feel?

On the other hand, if you choose to always play the same bet, you will be able to avoid this eventuality quite effectively. That way, if things start going downhill, you can just accept it as an unlucky streak. If feeling remorse is an alternative, there’s really nothing you should do to avoid it.



Slowing Down at Slot Machines

One of the things you need to understand when it comes to slot machines is that they have one of the highest house edges in the casino. So, how does it seem so appealing and how does it keep making money for the casino, if that’s the case? Well, you can play 300 or more spins in a single hour and the house would like it if that was the case.

Remember that with every spin, you’re making a decision that affects your chance of success. So, it would be nice if you were to take your time. Keep in mind that the slot machine odds cannot be artificially increased. What you’re trying to do is save some money until you get the payoff. After all, you win big and you lose small.

So, if you start betting smaller amounts, you can sit behind the machine several times as long. It makes you act less impulsive and play for a lot longer, which ensures that you’re eventually successful in your bets.

Don’t Rely on Bluffs

When you think of a great poker player, you’re probably thinking of someone capable of pulling off an impeccable bluff. However, that is never a good thing. First of all, if your opponent has a good hand, it will give him enough confidence to ignore your own self-confidence. Keep in mind that they’re usually more focused on their own hand than on yours.

Second, by bluffing too frequently, you’re virtually teaching your opponent how to call your bluff. Even if they can’t do this accurately 100% of the time, they will still start distrusting the emotions and demeanor you display.

Lastly, before you start bluffing, they’re usually in a dilemma – can you or can you not bluff? That is a simple yes or no question. Chances are that they may perceive you as one of those people who can’t pull off a bluff to save your life. At the same time, there’s a probability that you’re a person who can pull off a master bluff and can, therefore, never be trusted. So, which one are you? The longer you keep your opponent doubting that, the better.

Betting on the House Edge is Not a Good Strategy

Some gamblers believe that because the house always has an edge, betting on the house edge is a good strategy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just because the house edge is low, this doesn’t mean that the dealer can’t naturally get blackjack or that the roulette number won’t land on the exact number you’ve picked.

Despite what you may think, no game is rigged against you. Sure, your odds of success are lower than that of the house but playing on their edge means only minimizing your potential gains while maintaining a high chance of a loss. The house can afford such a strategy, seeing as how the number of games they play (all the games in the casino) is so high that the actual percentage tends to be more reliable. For individual players, that is not the case.



Time and Money Management

Remember that gambling isn’t about making money. It’s about spending time and money in order to have fun, occasionally winning a sizable payout. So, you need to set the budget which should always be the money you’re ready to lose. You should also set aside the amount of time that you’re ready to lose.

Casinos are designed to keep you playing for as long as you can. It is crucial that you demonstrate the necessary discipline to break off and re-engage at your own behest. Second, you need to develop a habit of just walking away when you’re behind. Trying to catch up or make up for the lost money is the mindset that usually leads to bigger losses.

Once you figure out how to govern your own time and money more effectively, the act of gambling will become much more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

The magical power of these strategies lies in their ability to completely alter your gambling experience. In other words, while the concept of gambling, odds, house edge, etc., remain the same, your losses, risk-taking aptitude, and, overall, unpleasant experiences are reduced in both volume and frequency. Strategy, in general, gives you a sense of structure and stability. That alone is reason enough to start using it.

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    Wow nice! I hope this applies to casinos online, I’ve been watching too much casino-related movies to see where this is going… Gonna win me some tonight using these!!!

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