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GET CREATIVE: Pay Attention to Your Model’s Skin Tones And Be Mindful of Your Clothing Colors: 5 Tips for Presets Lightroom

28 September 2020

Lightroom presets have so many different names right now: Instagram presets, advanced Instagram filters, mobile presets, mobile filters, and so on. That’s because it is still a fairly new feature that can easily transform your Instagram account.

In this article, I will share five tips on how to make the most out of your Lightroom presets. The more you know about photography, the better your photos will look like. The competition on Instagram is fierce, hence, every little detail counts.

#1 Try Different Presets

Presets store has lots of presets options for a reason. Not every preset will look the same. It’s an extremely personal choice. We all have different tastes. Otherwise, the world would be boring.

Choose multiple presets that focus on different styles. This will help you find out the style that you personally like the most.

Instagram is great because you can basically change your style every 12 images. By doing so, you will make your feed look interesting and still keep a cohesive style.

In the beginning, it’s difficult to commit to one style because you simply don’t know which color style will be performing the best. That’s why it’s best to test out different ones and compare the results. When you see which ones your followers engage with the mosts, that’s usually the time to choose one main style.



#2 Use Portrait Mode

iPhone performs surprisingly well when using the portrait mode. It creates a nice and blurry background seamlessly. That always adds to your photography. All you need to do is to make sure that your subject isn’t too far away from you.

Also, one quick and simple tip. Be aware of your background. If the subject is too close to a wall, you may not achieve the so wanted blurry background effect. On top of that, if your model’s background is too busy, it won’t look good.

By the way, if you put your subject next to an extremely vibrant color wall, don’t be surprised when his or her face will get the refections of that wall’s color. It could be an interesting effect but in the majority of cases it doesn’t work. Why? Because you don’t want your subject to have unnatural colors on their face. E.g. green. It won’t look natural.

#3 Pay Attention to Your Model’s Skin Tones

When applying the presets, one of the main things is to keep the people’s skin look natural. Yes, it can be glowing and more tan. This is actually one of the main things that focus on.

However, you don’t want your subject to have purple skin. Unnatural skin tones really draw people’s attention. You can shift the background colors as you like. However, the moment you adjust the person’s skin tone in a way that doesn’t look natural, you lose the game.

#4 Be Mindful of Your Clothing Colors

One of the easiest ways to get the most out of your pictures is to simply wear white, light or black clothes. This way, your Instagram feed will have consistency and the presets will be able to work around your clothing really well.

However, if you already know a specific look that you are going for, then you should bring out those colors. For example, if you know that your preset highlights deep reds then you may want to put on a red shirt. In case you love the orange and teal look, you could test out wearing just normal blue jeans.



#5 Get Creative

Don’t stop after you take a simple picture of your model. Look for ideas on Instagram and Pinterest to make your photos stand out from the crowd. You could also participate in photography challenges and try to recreate those.

One of the ways to make your photos look more creative is by using props. Flowers, newspapers, little Christmas lights, candles, tinted glasses, croissants, there are so many things that you could use and that would make your photos look cozier. You can also use mirrors to create a more interesting effect. In addition to that, you could take your followers in time with vintage outfits.

Obviously, all of this depends on your niche. For some accounts, it’s enough to take everyday pictures and apply presets. Other Instagram profiles want to showcase their product and have more pictures related to that. No matter what, you can always look at your account outside the box and create more interesting images.

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