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Being A Student Is Stressful: From First Impression To Doing Your Part – 7 Tips For Not Getting Scammed By An Essay Writing Service

16 June 2020

Being a student is stressful. Sometimes the workload is so heavy that one may feel at a loss thinking how to complete everything on time.

Essay writing services come quite handy when circumstances don't allow you to devote much time and energy to academic assignments. But in order to not get scammed, it's crucial to do your research and find reputable companies that you can trust. 

Here are the red flags that may indicate fraudulent schemes:

  • Mistakes of all kinds on the pages; 
  • A poorly crafted website;
  • Absence of important info; 
  • Extremely low prices and unrealistic deadlines. 

In the article below, we'll show you how to avoid getting scammed by an essay writing service. But first… 

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...Are Essay Writing Services Even Legal? 

Many students often wonder if it's legal to use essay writing services. Don't worry: it is. 

Essay platforms are legit and can be used as an effective and safe way to better your academic performance. Ideally, you're supposed to use the work you get from them as a model for your own paper, not as a final version. 

Using essay writing help in the wrong way could get you into trouble. It may tarnish your reputation or even get you expelled – and the responsibility will be yours only. So, you must choose hi-quality solutions and use them in the right manner. 

Now, we'll tell you how to find the companies you can trust and avoid scammers. Read our tips and stay safe! 


First Impression: No Low-Quality Texts on the Landing Page

If a company offers help with writing assignments, it should care about the quality of the texts on its resources first hand.

Still, many students don't pay attention to mistakes and the overall quality of the texts on the company's web page. That's not the way to go. A reputable service's landing page should contain only hi-quality texts and provide all the necessary info for their customers. 

One of the examples of a perfectly tailored official website is, where you can find loads of useful info on ordering essay help plus a lot of important tips in the blog dedicated to academic writing.


Trust the Registered Companies Only 

So it's established that essay writing services are legal. It means that any such company operating under the law should be registered. 

An official website should contain important legal info like the registration number, billing address, and copyright notice. These details can usually be found in the "About Us" or "Terms and Conditions" sections. If you can't find those elements anywhere on the site – it's definitely a bad sign.


Choose Companies That Are on the Market for Years 

The essay writing industry is booming, and, of course, there are a lot of newcomers on the market. But with the new legal players come hundreds of scammers and low-quality writing services looking for easy money. 

In order to avoid fraudulent schemes, look for the companies that have already been operating for quite some time. The abovementioned EssayPro service has been on the market for 20 years, for example. There's really no reason to trust your academic reputation and career to some newcomers. 



Be Realistic: Price and Deadlines Matter 

Sad, but true: miracles don't happen in this industry. If a service offers you to write a 5-page paper for $5 and turn it in the next day, you may be quite sure that it's a scam. 

Look for realistic prices and deadlines, and don't do it at the last minute. Better leave some additional time for troubleshooting. 


Some More Useful Tricks

These were the main tips for students on how to avoid fraudulent and low-quality writing services. If you use them all, you'll most probably not get into any trouble. 

However, if you want to do an additional check, here are some more ideas. 


Ask Questions

After you choose a writing service that seems trustworthy, get in touch with a support agent. Reputable agencies usually offer that option right on their main page and ask all the questions that interest you. 


Test the Service 

You can also run a test drive: order a small, easy essay and find out how exactly the company operates. If everything is fine – then you can order more complex works there. 


Do Your Part of the Work! 

Finally, don't forget that essay writing services offer help, not doing all the work for you. If you buy a brilliantly written, plagiarism-free paper, but have no idea what's written in it – that's your own problem, after all. 

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Final Words

Using essay writing assistance is a good and legit way to improve your academic performance and save time on some assignments. But one should know how to choose trustworthy companies in order to not get into trouble. 

It's important not to rush to trust your money (and reputation!) to the first service you find on the Internet. Do research using our tips, choose companies that have been on the market for years, and have great testimonials – and you'll get only the positive experience. 



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