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A Beginners Guide to the Maze – Own New Limited Editions of The Maze Runner Series NOW

09 September 2015

To celebrate the brand new Aerial editions of the Maze Runner series, and the release of The Scorch Trials in cinemas, we’re introducing you to the world of The Maze Runner with a beginner’s guide on how to survive the Maze.

The Maze Runner series is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where a group of teenagers face a sequence of trials, including the challenge of escaping the dreaded Maze. While half of the population have been killed off by ‘The Flare’, the group survive and are placed under experiment by the Creators “WICKED”. With no rules , help or memory of their previous lives, each member of the group is on their own, and will either beat the experiment or face a painful death.





There’s a reason that only Runners work in the Maze; you won’t surive without sonic speed and an exceptional memory. If being a Runner is your job, then each day is spent running the Maze trying to find an escape, memorising each of the routes and attempting to solve the code. If your speed isn’t up to scratch you’re better off as a Glader. Gladers remain in the Glade, hidden from the Grievers and respond to the tasks given by the Keepers. The Keepers are those who keep eveyone in order, and do whatever they can to ensure survival.





The Glade
Situated just outside of the Maze, the Glade is the point of safety. With four walls acting as protection from the Grievers it’s the place to take shelter, especially at night. Placed underground from earth, not only is the Glade protection from the Grievers, but from the Sun Flare, responsible for killing billions of the human race.





Grievers come out after dark with one purpose; kill the Gladers. It’s bold, dark and covered in spikes and rods that are ready to kill anything that comes within contact. If faced with its sting, extreme pain will be experienced, and without a special serum death will follow. To survive the Maze they should be avoided at all costs.





The Creators
The first members of WICKED (World In Catastrophe Killzone Experiment Department), the Creators are in charge of the trials and control the Maze. Stimulating patterns and planning the events that take place, everything that happens within the Maze can be attributed to them. Being responsible for sending supplies, the Creators are essential for survival, but with unknown intentions they are a force that shouldn’t be trusted easily.

The award-winning author of the Maze Runner series, James Dashner, has written a brand new adventure, exclusively on Twitter.

The #ScorchMaze invites you to respond to a series of choices, creating your own path through an underground maze in an exciting multiple-ending format. All UK players who successfully complete the #ScorchMaze can enter a competition to win a unique prize: the lucky winner’s name will feature as a character in the upcoming prequel to the Maze Runner book series, The Fever Code. Play the #ScorchMaze now.

For more information follow @MazeRunnerBooks or visit




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