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A Filmophile Fête: How to Plan a Movie-Themed Wedding

26 June 2015

Films are iconic beacons of art and culture - very much a part of our everyday conversation and life. We commonly integrate certain characteristics of films into our speech, through quotes and character mimicking; and wardrobe, by fashioning our apparel to echo a film’s costume and design. Why not go one step further and bring the wonderment of the silver screen to your wedding? Here are a few films and film genres that can easily be integrated into unforgettable wedding themes.

Wes Anderson

If you’re a Criterion Collection enthusiast and have a penchant for quirky design, fashion your wedding to showcase the whimsical world of Wes Anderson films. Design your wedding invitations with graphic illustrations that are akin to those shown in Anderson’s films - futura font is used in Anderson’s opening titles, film posters, and on all props that include text (like school buses, hospital signs and store fronts) since his 1996 film, Bottle Rocket. Re-label any food or beverage containers that require text labels with the Futura font, as well. For decor, use kitschy antiques like typewriters, old film cameras, vintage suitcases from the 1960s, taxidermy and saturated colors. Reference Wes Anderson’s film color palette for bouquet, wedding party apparel, decor and furniture color ideas. Anderson also includes many hand-written cursive notes in his films . You can use this featured prop idea at your wedding in the form of hanging quote cards or for your guest’s place cards. French pop music, frequently featured in all of his movie's soundtracks, would be fitting.


Indian culture is vibrant and colorful and Bollywood films display these cultural characteristics on an amplified level. Create marigold chains for your flower arrangements. You can also create your own mandapâ - a flower canopy - from your flower of choice. Integrating as many flowers as possible is in the Bollywood style . You can order all the flowers you'll need for the big day from an online retailer to be delivered right to your door. For decor, incorporate as much color as possible. Make sure to include Indian-textile tapestries, ornate furniture, ice sculptures and glitter. The more decadent your decor, the better! It wouldn’t be a Bollywood wedding without a dance number. Have your wedding party join in on choreographing a dance routine to be performed after at your reception.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This classic, Oscar-winning film is a remarkable representation of romance, elegance and style. Use the iconic Tiffany-blue for your color palette (bride or bridesmaid shoes or groomsman socks) with sub-tones of black and white. Hand out your guests’ gifts in Tiffany boxes, with a white ribbon. At your reception, include the fun feature of a candy station that has pearl-like chocolates, and rock candy to represent diamonds. Your bridesmaids can wear a classic little black dress paired with a simple string of pearls and a french-twist up-do. For your photobooth at the reception, have animal mask props for your guests to wear so they can emulate Holly and Paul. For your first dance, play "Moon River."

James Bond

For an edgy, yet fun movie-themed wedding, go rogue with a spy-style, James Bond theme. Make the event black-tie, with the groom wearing a perfectly tailored Bond-style tux. The costume designer, Lindy Hemming, has used the Italian design company, Brioni, for the last four Bond films pairing the tux suit with a black, shantung silk bow tie. Gold, black, white and red make for an excellent color scheme. Rather than labeling the reception dinner tables by numbers, assign each table the name of a Bond villain. Offer your guests a martini bar at the reception, to represent Bond’s favorite drink (always “shaken, not stirred”). Drive away from the ceremony and celebration in style, in the most famous Bond car of all time - the Aston Martin DB5.

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