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05 October 2020

It’s been 7 years since the world was introduced to the grimy and thrilling world of Peaky Blinders. The merciless lifestyle of the Birmingham based gangster organization quickly became a worldwide success and that’s still the case today following the release of a new Peaky Blinders slot game that you can check out at What is it that gives this show such appeal and magic for its many fans worldwide?

7 Blinding Years Of Success

The TV drama, that’s now on its sixth season, has been an international hit with 5 wildly successful seasons under the belt. Who would have thought that a dramatization of 1920’s Birmingham gang life would have been such a far-reaching hit? The show incorporates a number of compelling themes of the time, ranging from post First World War angst, friction between the British government and the Irish Republican Army and its allies to frivolous parties and clashes with Oswald Mosley’s black shirts. Perhaps it’s these illuminations of an often unknown corner of recent British history that has fascinated the world?

The Themes Behind The Show

Another reason for the international acclaim of the series might be its appropriation of the kind of themes and atmosphere that we might find in modern westerns – the desperado gunslingers that, according to Peaky Blinder’s creator Steven Knight, “Explore a sort of corrupt chivalry and tell the stories of the outlaw, or of the sheriff fighting the outlaw, but it’s about breaking the rules, being beyond the frontier.” 

Despite some questions about the historical accuracy of the series, critics agree that the cool, witty and dangerous wit and energy of the characters is more than enough to sell this new universe that Knight has created.



How True Is It To History?

Knight’s clever development of the stories of the Peaky Blinders is actually a bit of a sneaky blinder – the actual Peaky Blinders gang’s heyday was around the 1890s rather than the 1920s, different from the setting of the series. Most of the members of the gang were young men, some even as young as 12 years old.  The popular idea of the origin of the name of the Peaky Blinders came from the characteristic peak of their caps, coupled with slang ‘blinder’ for somebody wearing dazzling or suave clothes. The Peaky Blinders eventually lost their dominance to the Birmingham Boys gang post 1910 after most of the gang had dissolved, but their legacy carried on with general street toughs being referred to as Peaky Blinders thereafter. 

Legacy and Inspirations

Apart from being one of the most popular TV dramas over the last decade, it can also be said that Peaky Blinders is a fitting inspiration for a slot game. The family that is central to the plot of the series, the Shelbys, who work their way up from the working class doldrums to the affluence and infamy of their inglorious peak, ran a gambling operation themselves. This was actually a large source of where their riches originated, and the moody, gas-lit ambience of the series and no doubt of the times is infused into this recent slot offering.



According to reviews, the game developer behind this new slot, Pragmatic Play, managed to capture a lot of this in the artwork surrounding the reel set. If you’re a fan of the show who’s eager to spin the reels and will be rewarded with some engaging features and slick gameplay. Check out this new offering from Pragmatic Play and pit your wits and mettle against the Blinders boys and take home some lovely booty!

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