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A Podcast Series Celebrating The Diverse Voices of LGBTQI+ Communities ANTHEMS PRIDE Launches For Pride Month

20 May 2020

Pride Month is not only a celebration of LGBTQI+ individuals, their lives and identities but it is also an important time to commemorate the history of the LGBTQI+ movement. The Anthems Pride podcast series, produced by Broccoli Content serves to highlight the diverse voices of individuals who are making history and whose lives inspire others to live fully; to be who they really are.

Pride Month in June 2020 takes place during a time in the world when introspection and self-expression are becoming intertwined. This dynamic podcast collection of declarations, stories and proclamations, highlights why Pride is longer than a month. It cannot be confined to a timeframe in a sense as beyond this month there is still work to be done and there are still legacies to be made.

Anthems Pride is a profound and poignant series which speaks to our need for community and unity with an array of diverse voices including; singer-songwriter and YouTuber dodie, the BBC’s first LGBT correspondent Ben Hunte Content creator and columnist Raven Smith, Multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Grace Savage, British-Iraqi drag performer, writer and filmmaker Amrou Al-Kadhi, Actor & Writer Isabel Adomakoh Young and Multimedia journalist Freddy McConnell.

"We need community now, more than ever - words that bind us, not divide us. I saw how much of an impact Anthems Women and Anthems Home had on people, how much comfort and courage listeners were finding in the words of others and really wanted to bring that to Pride, especially as Pride celebration events have been cancelled. We have an exceptional selection of voices from exclusively LGBTQI+ communities contributing to this series, their words are raw, honest, inspiring, moving, motivating- there truly is something for everyone and it's a real privilege to be able to bring them to our listeners and celebrate the words and experiences of some truly brilliant people.  It was really important it was for us to represent all of these communities and I hope it inspires others to be proud of who they are" – Hana Walker-Brown.

Anthems Pride was created, executive produced and sound designed by Hana Walker-Brown with Producer Bea Duncan for Broccoli Content.

Anthems Series




Anthems Pride contributors (subject to change) include and bios here:

  • Raven Smith
  • Scottee
  • Ben Hunte
  • Lotte Jeffs
  • Amrou Al-Kahdi
  • Mobeen Azhar
  • Grace Savage
  • Jules Von Hep
  • Asifa Lahore
  • Sophie Ward
  • Isabel Adomakoh Young
  • Kenny Ethan Jones
  • Jodie Mitchell
  • Jamie Windust
  • Carrie Lyell
  • dodie
  • David Atherton
  • Dr Will Nutland
  • Alicia Radage
  • Marc Thompson
  • Freddy McConnell
  • Simran Uppal
  • Naeem Davis
  • Ellie Prohan
  • Lee Gray
  • Char Ellesse
  • Travis Alabanza

About Hana Walker-Brown
Hana Walker-Brown is a multi-award-winning audio documentary maker, podcast producer and writer, based in London. She has been recognised and awarded internationally for her work over the last decade. Hana is also an author, represented by Gleam Titles. In 2020, Hana joined Broccoli Content as an Executive Producer.

Making documentaries has granted Hana unprecedented access into the deepest, darkest depths of human beings and their lives. Her work is driven by compelling personal narrative, often telling the story of the underdog, the fighters and amplifying the voices of the misrepresented or silenced. 

About Broccoli Content
Broccoli Content was founded in 2018 by award-winning producer Renay Richardson after the runaway success of her independently produced podcast About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge. Broccoli’s purpose is to create content that’s good for you, while opening opportunities for minority talent both in front of, and behind, the mic. Featuring a diverse team of storytellers and audio enthusiasts, Broccoli’s goal is to build an inclusive environment that breaks away from the stale and pale mainstream cultural industry, while offering audiences healthy and bold media alternatives. Their current slate includes the flagship series Your Broccoli Weekly hosted journalist Diyora Shadijanova and Money 101, a Millennial personal finance podcast, for BBC Sounds.

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