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Acclaimed Actress And Friend Of The Fan Carpet Ayvianna Snow Welcomes 2024 With A Pivotal Role In Michael Fausti’s BURNT FLOWERS

02 January 2024

"A poison pen letter to the dark side of the sixties"

UK indie horror icon Ayvianna Snow returns to the screen with three new films for the first quarter 2024.

Cult director Michael Fausti's much anticipated second feature film, Burnt Flowers (premieres January 2024), sees Ayvianna Snow join fellow horror luminaries Amber Doig-Thorne, Dani Thompson and Laurence R. Harvey in this haunting and surreal Horror-Noir from one of the UK's most original horror directors.

Burnt Flowers is set in two time periods; the late 1960s and the early 1990s, the film’s plot sees Detective Francis Alban, played by Amber Doig-Thorne (Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, 2022), explore the disturbing underbelly of 1960s London in the search for a serial killer who was never caught. The film’s extensive cast features many U.K. Horror Film luminaries including; Amber Doig-Thorne, Ayvianna Snow, Dani Thompson, Laurence R. Harvey, Dean Kilbey and Annabella Rich.

The film stars Ayvianna Snow in a commanding central performance in a role that recalls the shape-shifting femme fatales of classic film noir. Snow's portrayal of Alice Kyteller leads the audience into the dark past of the 1960s criminal underworld and an obsessive, destructive love affair. 



Michael Fausti commented, "Ayvianna was just perfect for the role of Alice Kyteller. From the moment she arrived on set, she just nailed the sophistication and unassailable confidence of the character. She is a consummate professional who made the role her own. We are delighted she came on board and supported the project." 

Burnt Flowers premieres at the UK Horror-On-Sea Film Festival on Saturday 20th January 2024. Tickets can be purchased HERE.



In the new film Punch (available to stream from mid-January), a gothic, end-of-the-pier slasher, Ayvianna makes a memorable cameo as a striking but ill-fated party guest who becomes an unfortunate victim of the local seaside bogeyman, Mr Punch.  

Ayvianna also stars in the upcoming film Bogieville, set for release in Spring 2024 & directed by veteran 'bad guy' actor Sean Cronin.

Follow Ayvianna Snow on Instagram, Spotlight and IMDb to keep up with everything she's doing!

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