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Actress And Friend Of The Fan Carpet Ayvianna Snow Stars In Two New Horror Films LOLA And RIPPER’S REVENGE This April!

30 March 2023


Sensational actress and friend of The Fan Carpet, Ayvianna Snow will appear on our screens in two new horror films this April.  Get your eyes peeled with RIPPER’S REVENGE, out on 3rd April via Amazon and other streaming  platforms and LOLA is in cinemas in UK & Ireland on 7th April. 

Directed by Steve Lawson, Ripper’s Revenge is a sequel to the 2021 film Ripper Untold and is a must  see for all horror and Jack the ripper fans. One year on from the notorious "Jack The Ripper" murders, the killings have stopped, but the identity of the killer remains a mystery. Down-at-heel newspaper reporter Sebastian Stubb has moved on to reporting on other scandals, but when a new "Ripper" letter appears on his desk and the killings start again, he unwittingly finds himself at the centre of a new mystery. Has the "Ripper" returned, or is it a copycat killer?



Ayvianna plays the pivotal role of Jessica, a young woman whose untimely demise is a turning point in the lives of several other characters, leading to murder and betrayal. The film will be released by High Fliers Films on 3rd April.  

Ayvianna also star in the hotly anticipated sci-fi film 'LOLA.', out on 7th April. The film is about  the relationship between two sisters, who create a machine – LOLA – that can intercept radio and  TV broadcasts from the future. 

Ayvianna says “I absolutely love being cast for horror films – I feel like it’s part of me and I really do  connect with the characters and when I feel most alive! It’s been a pleasure working on these great  films and I can’t wait for the public to watch them!” 

Steve Lawson, the director of Ripper’s Revenge said "Ayvianna was an absolute delight to work  with, she had been on my radar for several years and I was very glad to finally be able to cast her in a  film that I am very proud of."



Talking to The Fan Carpet, about the differences between RIPPER’S REVENGE and LOLA, Ayvianna added “They are both very different but they have in common the fact that they are both period pieces which feature women in strong leading roles; having interesting roles for women is very important to me.”

When asked about how it feels for her to be a storyteller, Ayvianna mused “I am just so excited and grateful to be able to be a part of these wonderful stories and work with directors like Andrew and Steve; it's a privilege.”

Ayvianna continues to embrace her dark side, playing the lead in Michael Fausti's forthcoming feature film, Burnt Flowers (due for release in 2024) and she'll return in Alexander Churchyard's segment Video Dungeon II for Video Shop Tales of Terror II: Lust & Revenge in the role of Mabel (scheduled for production Q1 2023). 



Ayvianna Snow is also known for White Colour Black, Black Lake, Barun Rai And The House On The Cliff, Hollow, The Lockdown Hauntings and Video Shop Tales of Terror.

Photos © Steve Lawson from the forthcoming Ripper's Revenge

To watch Ayvianna's showreel, please go to Vimeo.

Please follow Ayvianna Snow on Instagram, Spotlight and IMDb to keep up with everything she's doing!

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