Actress, Fashion Blogger + Influencer Urszula Makowska Covers + Dishes New York Fashion Week | The Fan Carpet

Actress, Fashion Blogger + Influencer Urszula Makowska Covers + Dishes New York Fashion Week

11 February 2019

Urszula Makowska returns to NYFW dishing industry secrets and covering some of the week’s most prominent shows including Taoray Wang, Hakan Akkaya, Son Jung Wan, Nonie, Indonesian Diversity, Chromat, and many more

Following the tremendous success of New York Fashion Week held in 2018 and prior seasons in New York City, Urszula Makowska, MTV’s Show: Catfish participant, actress, influencer and fashion blogger, returns to cover some the week’s most prominent shows and dishes industry secrets to more than 122,000 Instagram followers. She takes her audience on a personable journey of what it is like to attend runway shows, shares new upcoming Fall/ Winter 2019 trends, and dishes the secrets of how to attend to Fashion Week and the reality of being a popular fashion blogger and influencer during fashion week.

From New York City to Paris, Fashion Week is one of the most important times of the year within the fashion industry and is internationally exclusive for designers to unveil and present their newest collections to celebrities, actors, bloggers, influencers, editors, media, buyers, and many other exclusive key industry people. Attending these shows is strictly by invite only, making it difficult for just anyone to enter.

“Fashion Week is one of the most hectic and busiest times of the year for me. In terms of invites, we receive invites directly from PR agencies managing the show for the designer, directly contact the point of contact in charge of handling the show via email with a request for an invite to the show weeks in advance, or use my favorite tool, Fashion GPS Radar by Launchmetrics. We are usually booked in advance, but there are shows we get invited to last minute,” shares Urszula Makowska.



Most runway shows were and will be presented in Spring Studios and Pier 59 Studios in the heart of New York City. Shows included were Taoray Wang, Hakan Akkaya, Son Jung Wan, Nonie, Indonesian Diversity, and Chromat. Designers showcased Fall/ Winter 2019 collections with red, plaid, stripes and cowboy look being some of dominating the future trends.

“Spring Studios has become my second home for the week and for other guests as well. I am constantly there since that is where most of the runway shows are hosted. I love it though! We get free coffees, makeup touch ups from Maybelline and we get our hair done by Treseme. That’s the perks of being an influencer! Also, I must say so far I love all of the collections I’ve seen, but Taoray Wang and Hakan Akkaya are definitely my favorite thus far and they have definitely been my favorite designers for a long time now, but there is one thing that really shocks me this season. I haven’t seen as much diversity as I have seen previously in terms of body types,” states Urszula Makowska.

Guests attending the shows arrive early due to long lines and waiting times. Seated guests are prioritized and enter in first meanwhile standing guests wait. Seated guests range from celebrities to top influencers. During this time, seated guests are photographed. Once seated guests are seated, standing guests are allowed entrance. Standing guests usually are seated right before the show starts to fill in empty seats.

“Long lines for shows are quickly formed. Seated guests are prioritized. Luckily, I am always a seated guest so I almost never wait in a long line. Also, shows always run late, but that’s okay. I still love them! So far this season I’ve spotted a couple of celebrities. Personally, Tiffany Trump was sitting right in front of me along with her mom, boyfriend, and secret service agents at the Taoray Wang show. It’s cool because you never know you are going to sit next to.” says Urszula Makowska.

With fashion week being highly exclusive and a important time, influencers prepare weeks in advance for Fashion Week. This includes researching and sending out emails with requests for invites and sponsorships, putting trendy looks together that will dominate the upcoming season, preparing their busy schedules, and planning all travel and hotel details.

“Just like many other bloggers and influencers, we plan each of our looks in advance. This includes spending our own money on looks and working with PR agencies and brands for sponsored content, pulls and dressing programs. I also will be honest and will share that there a couple of bloggers who buy things especially just for NYFW and later return the items to the stores. I’d probably say we plan everything a month in advance.” dishes Urszula.

All of Urszula’s NYFW coverage can be found on her Instagram page, where she also posted images and videos of her own style choices and makeup during the week. More information can be found here.

Photos courtesy of Rachel Kozma/ Getty Images

Urszula Makowska is a popular social media influencer, fashion blogger, and actress based in NYC. Her focus is on dark, edgy style, and she’s accumulated an Instagram following of over 122,000 with her unique take on fashion.

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