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Alan Rickman Returning to Broadway Stage

28 June 2011

Alan Rickman's making a return to Broadway in the autumn. He'll be starring in ‘Seminar', a new play by the American playwright, novelist and TV writer, Theresa Rebeck.

In ‘Seminar', Rickman plays the role of Leonard, a literary god, who takes it upon himself to privately teach four aspiring mesmerised writers, and the drama that ensues as they vie to be his favourite student.

The last time Rickman was in a stage production was back in 2002 in the award-winning romantic comedy, ‘Private Lives', written by the late great Noel Coward.

‘Seminar' will make its debut at the Schubert Theatre. Dates are yet to be announced but will be revealed soon.

Rickman is back on our screens soon as the unsmiling professor, Severus Snape, in the second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows --- due for release next month. It's also the last EVER Potter instalment too. Whatever's the world to do after that?

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