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Ali Cook discusses sleight of hand and his directing aspirations for his forthcoming tour and the release of Get Lucky

28 August 2013

There are few people working in the entertainment industry today who can boast a CV quite like Ali Cook's – as a jack-of-all-trades comic entertainer who specialises in extravagant magic shows. With a tour pending, and a role in the British thriller Get Lucky – it's been a busy year for Cook, and we caught up with him to see how things are coming along.

Discussing his role in Get Lucky – a film which he wrote additional material for too – Cook also tells us of his dreams of directing himself one day, how he balances acting and magic, while also telling us about his upcoming films Epic and The Anomaly. Oh, and as per usual, we ask him what he's a fan of...


You've got so much going on at the moment – are you enjoying being so busy, or are you looking forward to having a break?

I enjoy being really busy. I'm just that kind of person. You know, if you do magic tricks for a living, it's not stressful is it?


Not if you know how to do them.

Yeah, that helps! But it's not life or death if your card trick doesn't go according to plan. So I enjoy being busy, but the travelling can be the tricky part.


So tell us a little about your character Kirby in Get Lucky?

He's an opportunist thief. His back story is, he was taught by his uncle in quite an old school way, things you would have seen in the 30s or 40s – how to pick pockets, how to pick locks... He was brought up by an old school thief, but he's just a bit of a chancer really.


Not to compare him to yourself too much, but must have been fun to play a character with such a good sleight of hand – allowing you the chance to combine your talents?

You mean he's good at sleight of hand and he's from Yorkshire? Okay, I'll do that! That's what good casting should be, you pretty much play what you do. When the script first came along I had no idea magic was even in it, because originally the scams were only being done by the lead, and then I said, well obviously because I am a magician, we might as well take advantage of that fact, and that's how it ended up.


You co-wrote the screenplay too – it must have been fun constructing a script with so many twists and turns?

It is fun. Screenplays are quite a frustrating process though, because a lot of people are involved. Technically I wrote additional material for the screenplay, co-writing is a slightly different thing. But yeah I really enjoyed every minute of it and I had a really good time with T.J. Ramini, who is the film as well playing Raphael. We just hit it off with each other and had such a laugh and what happened, was when the film went into production, the director comes in and puts his stamp on it basically.





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