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ALTER EGOS with soundtrack by Sean Lennon. Available in the UK via iTunes and on VOD from TODAY

15 July 2013

Set in a version of our world where super heroes are real but have lost all government funding and public support, the film ALTER EGOS is available in the UK via iTunes and select VOD carriers from 15th JULY. 

Written & directed by JORDAN GALLAND (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead, Smile for the Camera), Alter Egos was released in the United States by Phase 4 Films and Kevin Smith's "SMODCAST Presents" banner in 2012. This is the first chance for UK moviegoers to watch the film.

Galland's quirky comedy follows an out of work super hero (Kris Lemche) who needs to be saved from his own emotional crisis, and the girl who helps him do it (Brooke Nevin). The film also stars JOEY KERN (Electric City), DANNY MASTERSON (That 70's Show), and JOHN VENTIMIGLIA (The Sopranos) with an original soundtrack by SEAN LENNON.


"In the age of cookie cutter superhero films and franchises, Alter Egos promises some real character analysis mixed in with fun mythology and the driest of humor." - Interview Magazine

"Superpowered with silliness..." -

“(Alter Egos) succeeds in the most entertaining and imaginative way possible.” - Ain't It Cool News

"The world has seen its fair share of superhero movies, but we're betting it hasn't seen anything quite like Alter Egos." - Nylon Magazine

Jordan Galland is a writer, filmmaker and musician from New York City.  His feature film, Alter Egos, about underappreciated super hero at a time when super heroes have lost government funding and all public support, was released in the fall of 2012 by Phase 4 Films and Kevin Smith's "SMODCAST Presents" banner. Prior to Egos, Galland wrote and directed the critically acclaimed Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Undead (starring Devon Aoki) in addition to penning four solo albums, including his most recent EP, Wind Up Rabbit.

Musically, Galland was part of the band Dopo Yume (1998) with longtime friend and collaborator Sean Lennon and has contributed to albums such as Lennon’s Friendly Fire, Daniel Merriweather’s Love & War and various projects with producer Mark Ronson. Combining his love for music and cinema, Galland has worked on such projects as the soundtrack for LENA DUNHAM'S Tiny Furniture, The Tribeca Film Supporting Characters, The HBO Original Series The Neistat Brothers and more. Click here for additional information.