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American Rapper and Star Wars fan Jaden Smith Immerses himself in a galaxy far, far away for Legends of the Force at Disneyland Paris

22 February 2019

American Rapper and Star Wars fan Jaden Smith, seized the opportunity of being in Disneyland Paris to experience big thrills and to immerse himself in the Star Wars universe. Jaden watched the iconic saga come to life at Disneyland Paris with its new season “Legends of the Force – A Celebration of Star Wars”.

Right after joining the famous Rebel Alliance and experiencing an epic journey in high-speed rollercoaster Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, Jaden climbed onboard a Starspeeder 1000 at Star Tours: The Adventures Continue for a 3D expedition in the Star Wars Galaxy.

Guests can discover “Legends of the Force – A Celebration of Star Wars” from now until 17 March 2019.

An entire season to live the most iconic stories from the Star Wars saga

With legendary characters, galactic battles and iconic lightsabers, Legends of the Force – A Celebration of Star Wars is an incredible opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the heart of the Star Wars galaxy, following in the footsteps of their favourite heroes, such as Rey and BB-8, whilst having to confront the Dark Side of the Force with Darth Vader, Kylo Ren and many others.



New: Meet Chewbacca
After bursting the screens of the very first Star Wars film in 1977, Chewbacca has become one of the most iconic heroes in film history. Chewbacca has been part of several Star War events at Disneyland Paris, but now guests get to meet him in person. This Wookiee, is loved by fans of all ages and will finally be there to welcome you during this new season. Meet at the reference point in Production Courtyard at Walt Disney Studios Park for an unforgettable encounter with Chewbacca.

Star Wars: The Galactic Celebration
This show is not to be missed. At dusk, Walt Disney Studios Park will pay spectacular homage to the Star Wars galaxy with an amazing sound and light display show. The show will include image projections, special effects and, of course, the Star Wars characters.

This year there are new features with unreleased clips from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story. There will also be new characters on stage for the first time, such as the adorable, faithful Resistance droid BB-8 and the fearsome bounty hunter Boba Fett will also make a grand entrance. But be careful, the Dark Side of the Force is never far away, with special scenes featuring the Empire and the First Order. It’s a totally unmissable experience.

The Stormtroopers will be flooding Walt Disney Studios Park with:

New! The Imperial March: The Legends of the Force programme will include a number of intrusions by Stormtroopers. This year, Darth Vader will be taking the lead with The Imperial March. Determined to prove the power of the Empire, he will gather his Stormtroopers together to show Rebels the power of the Dark Side of the Force.

The March of the First Order: The charismatic Captain Phasma from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will be making her great comeback. She will be marching with her procession of Stormtroopers of the First Order. Beware!

The Stormtroopers Patrol: A squad of Stormtroopers will also break away during the day to patrol the crowd in search of members or allies of the Resistance. It will be the perfect opportunity to pose alongside them.

Legends of a Galaxy Far, Far Away
This spectacular show gives guests a chance to relive the greatest moments of the Star Wars saga, with its legendary heroes on stage and to the sound of epic musical themes by John Williams. Look out for Kylo Ren, Rey and Darth Maul during the show, and for the first time, the fearsome bounty hunter, Boba Fett and adorable droid BB-8. This show will be taking place several times a day on the stage of Production Courtyard.

Head straight to the heart of the intergalactic Star Wars battles at Disneyland Park
Legends of the Force – A Celebration of Star Wars will also take place at Disneyland Park, where the more adventurous will be able to confront Darth Vader at Starport, near the attraction Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, and brave the power of the Dark Side of the Force.

Star Tours: The Adventure Continues
State-of-the-art technology, flight simulators, digital 3D, Audio-Animatronics, legendary music and more will combine together to create Star Tours: The Adventure Continues. This attraction has everything needed for an immersive experience at the heart of the Star Wars saga. There 60 incredible mission combinations possible aboard the Starspeeder 1000. Ready to take off with amateur pilot C-3P0?

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain
This attraction will fly you away to a new setting to meet the famous Rebel Alliance and experience an unbelievable expedition, with many sensations in the Star Wars galaxy. Find yourself in the famous battle against the Galactic Empire at top speed and to the sound of John Williams’ legendary music.

Join us until 17 March 2019 for the ultimate Star Wars experience with Legends of the Force – A Celebration of Star Wars at both Disneyland Paris Parks.

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