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Amy Adams gets intimate with Mark Wahlberg

26 January 2011

Mark Wahlberg used be to known as Marky Mark, the controversial young rapper, with a history of violent crimes and a short stint in prison, before turning his life around and become the huge movie actor that he is today. Unrecognisable from the street criminal he used to be, your more likely to see him cutting a dashing figure in a designer suit on the red carpet these days. However Mark has not forgotten his roots and is the producer and star of an incredible true life boxing story based on his old friend, the boxer Mark Ward, and his rise to success in the same neighbourhood that Mark Wahlberg grew up in in the film The Fighter. Part of the perks of being a hot film star, is of course to lead alongside a hot female star like Amy Adams, who recently spoke about her time working with Wahlberg as a producer and an actor, saying;

"You know I never felt the producer hand of Mark
Wahlberg, I think because we worked so closely, our characters, most of my scenes were with him and very intimate scenes so, I never really felt that side. I mean the filming was a great experience and there was a lot of energy, a lot of love, a lot of passion, a lot of hard work and I could only think that that has to do with him being one of the producers"

Wow, lucky Amy, its not everyday a girl gets to make out with her hot boss, we can't wait to see the pair's chemistry on screen when The Fighter comes out on the 2nd of February 2011.

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