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Andreea Helen David Joins The Cast Of SUICIDAL DOG and LAIKA written by Catalina Florescu and directed by Leo Bacica

11 December 2019

Kibo Productions presents

Suicidal Dog & Laika

by Catalina Florescu

Directed by Leo Bacica

Starring Andreea Helen David, Andreea Paduraru, Beatrice Ragea, Elena Harding, Elena Vasilache, Ioana Goga, Maria Balasoiu

Andreea Helen David (BBC3's Things Not To Say, Don't Mention Dementia - Series of Stories) joins the cast of 'Suicidal Dog and Laika' written by Catalina Florescu and directed by Leo Bacica. 

On for one night only on 11th of December at Dome Theatre, Birmingham, this special event, with an only female cast, presents an absurd telling of the times we live in with a critical and comical eye on the political world and what it does to people and sometimes dogs....not to miss.



Suicidal Dog & Laika blends the absurd with reality, the political with the historical; it uses fiction to investigate immigration, belonging, citizenship and communism. Through the characters of Laika - the first creature in space - and Dog - a fictional immigrant from the Middle East - the play takes us through the history of Soviet Communism peppered recollections of the violent fall of communism in Romania, and the drama of migrants and refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea in inflatable boats -- all against the backdrop of the caustic anti-immigration rhetoric surrounding the latest U.S. Presidential elections. Revisiting dehumanizing moments in history via a play helps the audience to deal with the experienced or inherited trauma while at the same time making them more vocal in their own lives.



Suicidal Dog & Laika was written in 2016 in the aftermath of the latest US presidential election. It has has readings in New York, New Jersey and London and will have its world premiere in London in 2020.

This reading will be performed as part of the Testimony in Practice research project coordinated by Professor Sara Jones, Dr Emilie Pine and Philip Holyman.



The Cast, Creative and Production Team includes:
Playwright: Catalina Florescu
Director: Leo Bacica

Andreea Helen David - Priest
Andreea Paduraru - Narrator
Beatrica Ragea - Laika
Elena Harding - Woman
Elena Vasilache - Lawyer Ioana Goga - Dog
Maria Balasoiu - Man

Running time: 80 minutes. This is a rehearsed reading performed in English

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