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Anna Paquin tells fan on Twitter she won’t reprise her role of Rogue in Channing Tatum’s GAMBIT

28 September 2015

With a big screen adaptation of GAMBIT coming to Cinemas next year starring Channing Tatum, it has come to light that Anna Paquin will not reprise her role of Rogue in the forthcoming superhero flick.

The sought after Actress answered a fan question on Twitter about whether she'd be appearing in the film and she answered simply "no".

Later on Twitter, the True Blood alumni adde to her brief response adding "I was asked and answered with the information that I currently have. That is all!"




Paquin previously stated that she would be play Rogue again if she got to fly like her character does in the comics.
Paquin will next be heard as Ramsey in Disney • Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur on November 27, and is filming her role of Nancy Holt in TV Mini Series Roots.

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