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Apocalypto Memorabilia Online Auction in aid of Mending Kids

13 October 2014

Mel Gibson’s ICON Productions Generously Donated Mayan Reproductions

It’s not often that history and Hollywood come together in such thrilling fashion.

In the Mel Gibson-directed 2006 epic film Apocalypto, the exquisite costumes recreating the look of the ancient Mayans was researched down to the last meticulous detail.

Now, with permission from Icon Productions, the past and the future is coming together in a unique auction to raise money to help sick children.

Some of the stunning headdresses, bracelets, necklaces, other jewelry and distinctive Mayan relics custom-made for the film will go on the block online at auctionmystuff.com from October 6-26, 2014.

Mel Gibson has asked that all of the proceeds from the sale go to Mending Kids, a California-based charity that provides life-changing surgical care to children worldwide. “Mending Kids does great work,” said Mel. “The best thing about this particular charity is that over 90% of anything donated actually gets to where it's supposed to, so there's no big administrative drain. I think the most exciting thing you can say about it is, they save lives, and they improve the quality of lives."

Among the lots on offer will be articles worn by the movie characters:

• Seven headdresses in various styles and materials, including leather, wood, cloth and raffia, one with leather facing painted with tribal motifs and with metal and colored beads. (Estimate $500-$700)

• An impressive headdress in the form of a grotesque face with large mosaic eyes, blue feathers above, with a five-point top section set with long, striped green and pale green feathers. (Estimate $500-$700)

• Four beaded leather panels; a headdress of coral-colored twisted fabric with leather and beaded pendant; and an ivory-colored pierced disc for Rich Man Jose Manual Duarte. (Estimate $200-$400)

• Mayan replica pottery comprising lidded jars, bowls and vases (Estimate $250-$450).

• A decorative temple panel of seven rectangular pieces carved with figures and symbols painted in red (Estimate $1,000-$1,500).

Film and history buffs alike will get a once only opportunity to relive the excitement of Apocalypto by owning a piece of Hollywood history and knowing that the auction is for such an amazing cause.

Over the years, Mending Kids has helped thousands of children receive transformational surgeries that have given them a chance at longer, healthier and happier lives. Most of the surgeries performed through Mending Kids are to correct congenital heart defects, orthopedic abnormalities, severe scoliosis, and significant cranial facial deformities.

AuctionMyStuff is a new online service provided by online valuation service ValueMyStuff which allows customers to put their items up for auction, once valued, in an eBay style marketplace where all items are vetted by experts and where market value is dictated not only by demand, but actual worth. Auctionmystuff.com has offices in Los Angeles and London.

"AuctionMyStuff is delighted to offer fans the once in a lifetime opportunity to buy memorabilia from critically acclaimed film Apocalypto,” said AuctionMyStuff curator Megan Mulrooney, “Not only does the public get the chance to buy the actual headdresses and jewelry worn in the film, which were made with great care to replicate actual Mayan artifacts, but it’s all for a great cause. With all proceeds donated to Mending Kids, people can buy with an added purpose!"

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