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CBD Gummies Natural Or Artificial? A VENN Diagram Of People Who Want To Take CBD + Those Who Want Natural Supplements Would Overlap

26 October 2021

Let’s be real - if you created a venn diagram with the type of person who wants to take CBD and the type who wants their supplements to be “natural”, you’d have two circles that almost entirely overlap. But to answer the question of whether CBD gummies can be considered natural isn’t an easy one to answer. To do so we’ll have to look at a couple of factors.

Is CBD Considered Natural?

Cannibinodiol, or CBD, is a plant compound extracted from hemp. It’s closely related to THC, but doesn’t have psychoactive properties and doesn’t create a high. It does, however, have many potential health benefits.

Hemp in itself, of course, is a natural product. The CBD oil extraction from hemp can be done one of three different ways, and each of these ways makes the hemp extract a “processed” oil, but almost any food product or supplement is processed in some way. The hemp extraction processes include the following:

  • CO2 Extraction. This process uses carbon dioxide to pull the CBD oil from the hemp plant material. It requires complex machinery that consists of several pressurized chambers and pumps. The oil extracted from this process contains high levels of CBD. CO2 extraction is also used in decaffeinating coffee or tea.
  • Steam Distillation. This process uses a couple of glass flasks,a condenser tube, and steam to extract oil from the hemp plant. This is the oldest method for distilling oil from plants (we’re talking centuries), but it is also the most inefficient. The high heats may also damage the valuable properties of the CBD oil.
  • Solvent Extraction. This process is nearly identical to steam distillation, only a solvent is used in the place of superheated water. Solvent extraction is both cheaper and more efficient than steam distillation, but care must be taken that all traces of the solvent have evaporated or been removed from the finished product.



The next factor in determining the “natural” quality of CBD is which kind of CBD you’re using. There are three kinds on the market and these include:

  • Full Spectrum CBD. This is the first fruit of the extraction process, the very least processed type of CBD. It contains not only cannabidiol, but other beneficial cannabinoids (including THC), terpenes, essential oils, and fatty acids. It is the very closest in chemical makeup to the hemp plant itself.
  • Broad Spectrum CBD. This type takes an extra step in processing, removing the THC from the hemp extract. While not as complete as the full spectrum CBD, it still contains many of the plant compounds.
  • CBD Isolate. This white, crystalline powder is the most highly processed of CBDs. It is broken down to its molecular level to contain ONLY CBD and none of the other plant compounds of hemp. It is ideal for THC averse folks who do not want any possibility of trace THC remaining in the product.

So, as far as the hemp itself is concerned, you’re looking at a comparatively natural product. If you are looking for the MOST natural product you want a full spectrum CBD that retains most of the plant’s chemical profile.

You may also choose to purchase from a company that sources their CBD from domestic hemp that is grown using sustainable and organic practices.




Are the Gummies Themselves Natural?

Next, we want to look at the delivery method of CBD. If you’re looking for the most natural form, you want a CBD tincture. This mixes hemp extract with a simple carrier oil for delivery under the tongue. However, many people just don’t like the taste or texture of an oil. And that’s okay.

So, let’s take a look at gummies. How “natural” these gummies are will depend entirely on the company that makes them. Any reputable company will offer an ingredient list on the product purchase page, and will also back up their claims with independent third party lab test results. Here are some things to look for in the ingredients list:

How Many Ingredients are Present?

As with any kind of food, you want to try to find a CBD gummy with the fewest ingredients. A long list almost always ensures that there are a bunch of unnecessary additives.

Are the Flavors and Colors From Natural Sources?

Some gummies are made with natural flavors from essential oils, and use natural sweeteners. These are your best bet if you want to go more natural. Also look at where the brand gets their color, do they use dyes, or plant extracts to tint their gummies?

Do You Require Vegan Products?

Gummies are most commonly made from gelatin, a product of processed animal bones. But some companies use agar or other gelling processes to create their gummies. If they are vegan, you’ll usually find that right on the product page. But check the ingredient list to be sure.

Does the Product Have An Organic Label?

To be honest, the term “organic” is in many ways simply a food industry buzzword. However, if a product is made with organic ingredients, you can likely count on more sustainable growing practices from the ingredients, and a more “clean” (free from pesticides) final product.

How Natural Are CBD Gummies?

If you are looking to use CBD for its potential pain relief, anti-anxiety, or anti-inflammatory purposes, you are doing far better than you would be with traditional medicines as far as “natural” is concerned. CBD is certainly not as highly processed as any of these other medications, even in gummy form.

If you’re looking to start a CBD regimen, it's best practice to discuss it with your doctor first - especially if you have a chronic condition or take other medications. They may even be able to help you with dosing.

Think of taking CBD gummies as simply enjoying a fruit gummy, but with an added “chill” effect. (Along side of CBDs other potential benefits.) In a simple formulation gummy made with full spectrum or even broad spectrum CBD oil, you’re looking at a pretty natural product. Any “artificial” factors can simply be avoided (artificial flavors, colors, etc.)

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