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Asking WHY?: A Conversation with Jackie Malton for The Real Prime Suspect Ahead of its Debut TONIGHT on CBS Reality

03 September 2019

CBS Reality’s new original true crime series; “The Real Prime Suspect", hits screens on September 3.

The show is fronted by the INCREDIBLE Jackie Malton, a former Met Police Officer, one of the first female members of the Met Police's Flying Squad and the inspiration for the character of DCI Jane Tennison, played by Helen Mirren, in the multi-award-winning drama “Prime Suspect” by Lynda La Plante.

Jackie Malton has publicly spoken about her experiences as an openly gay female police detective in a very male-dominated work environment, particularly in the 80's.

As well as all this, since retiring she now supports convicted felons with addiction problems following her own former alcohol dependency.

In her 10-part true crime series, Malton guides audiences through famous cases, providing insight into each step of the investigation based on her own expertise and experiences.

In our in depth interview, Jackie tells The Fan Carpet’s Marc Jason Ali about her experiences with the Met, why she trots a show like this and what the future may bring...


I’m just reading through the press kit they sent over to me. It’s extraordinary stuff, it’s like “where to begin?”. But I am going to begin just with a general one. What was your initial impetus for putting yourself on camera in this way?

(laughs) It wasn’t my decision, I can assure you it didn’t come from me... It came from my involvement with Monster Films in the production of called Dark Son with Professor David Wilson, criminologist, looking at some unsolved murders in the 1960s, like a cold case review and find potential crime suspects that had been living in the area of a man convicted of a double killing of two young girls. He had been released from prison and was living in the area where those murders had taken place, and we were looking at prime suspects.

So out of that, unbeknownst to me Monster Fims sent a clip to CBS, I wasn’t aware of any of it and then I got called to CBS and they said “would you like to do this job The Real Prime Suspects, with an ex-detective interviewing other detectives?” My initial reaction was that I was I’m far too old to be dong that, and I really mean that and sometimes there’s nothing worse than an ex-detective going to other police officers and kind of pouring through their cases, but I thought about it and decided I have got something to offer.

It was my biggest kind of thrill, interviewing people on the job and so it makes sense to be interviewing all these wonderful experts, so it’s been a real gift and a privilege to do so.


That feeds nicely into my next question which is; obviously over your career in the Met you’ve been involved in a lot of harrowing cases, ranging from rape to murder, I guess that it’s safe to say that you’ve seen a lot of messed up stuff. How do you separate yourself from that?

Oh right well I think that when I was in the job I didn’t do a very good job of separating myself from that to be perfectly honest, because I was what they call a “bit of an over-feeler” in the job because you aren’t meant to express your feelings in the job and stuff.

So I found it kind of hard in some ways… yeah in some ways kind of quite difficult because you can see the humanness of people stories, lives, peoples narratives of people’s lives, but the point is that you are by then you’re a boss and you’re going in and then you put on your competent hat on and your professional hat on and it doesn’t stop you feeling, of course, but you’re priority is not about you, it’s about getting justice for the people who have been killed or attacked or raped, it’s your job to put “you” aside and get on with it.





“The Real Prime Suspect” is on Tuesdays at 22:00 on CBS Reality (Freeview 66 / Freesat 135 / Sky Channel 146 / Virgin 148)

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