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Award-winning Swiss Actress + Producer Lara Pictet Stars In New Films DAKOTA And RENEGADES Coming Soon This Year

22 March 2022

Award-winning Swiss actress & Producer Lara Pictet (Beast, By Light of Desert Night, Offline) stars in four exciting new film releases for 2022, including Dakota and Renegades.

Dakota will be released in the United States on 1st April by Samuel Goldwyn Films and out in the UK end of May/June 2022.  Directed by Kirk Harris & Produced by Monika Bacardi, Andrea Iervolino, Danielle Maloni and Marty Poole, Dakota tells the story of Kate, a widow who lost her husband in the war in Afghanistan. Kate struggles to maintain her small-town farm with her daughter while also running the local volunteer fire department. Lara plays Jenny, the daughter of the town mechanic, following in her Father’s footsteps and a dear friend to Kate. She joins a cast including William Baldwin, Tim Rozon, Abbie Cornish, Patrick Muldoon, Loa Sultan, Lorenzo McGovern Zaini, Roberto Davide and Katie McGovern.

Pictet also stars in the highly anticipated new action movie, Renegades, from Award-Winning Director Daniel Zirilli. The film hits hard, as a retired Green Beret soldier is murdered by an international drug gang, his veteran SAS comrades avenge him by dispensing their own justice on London’s streets. Lara’s character Sofia is kidnapped and sold to a trafficking ring - but she doesn’t plan to remain a victim for long.

Sofia fearlessly sets out to take down the trafficking gang – even if it means putting herself in danger. Lara is one of an all-star cast, including Lee Majors, Patsy Kensit, Stephanie Beacham, Billy Murray, Nick Moran, Louis Mandylor, Danny Trejo and many more.



Also slated for release in 2022/23 are Muti and State of Consciousness, featuring Lara alongside Morgan Freeman and Emile Hirsch respectively.

Fluent in English, French and Spanish, Lara Pictet has taken London and Los Angeles by a storm. The film Beast, which she produced in 2018, won numerous awards, including the Grand Jury Award at SXSW, Jury Award at
Bentonville Film Festival, Best Digital Series at DCWebFest, Best Series at SeriesFest, Best Cinematography and Best Scripted Series Telly Awards.

It’s not only Lara’s acting ability that has won her the admiration of her fans and peers, including Writers/Directors like David Stuart Snell.



Lara says, “On set for By Light of Desert Night, I laid in a dirty ditch in the hot sun for two days, and my back was covered in scratches after filming for months. I’m all in – physically and emotionally when it comes to my roles. My life motto is; dive in, head-first, take risks and have no regrets.”




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