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Bachelorette sweetheart Kirsten Dunst was scared of Lars von Trier

28 January 2012

Cannes Best Actress Award winner Kirsten Dunst has admitted that she was "scared" of working with Lars von Trier on Melancholia due to his reputation for 'torturing' actresses.

The actress who shot to fame after her starring role of Claudia in Interview with the Vampire is quoted by Virgin Media as saying "I was scared about working with Lars because everyone made such a big deal about how he tortures actresses, when I first got to know him I was shocked by the things he would say, but you don't make the movies he makes with a PC personality. But what I found was a really sensitive, funny and kind director who was emotionally intuitive. He loves women."

The Spider-Man trilogy star also spoke about the art in her nude scene "There's a scene in Melancholia where I'm lying naked, bathing in the glow of the moon, but it looks like a painting as it's lit so beautifully, you can almost forget that I'm nude... It's art. I'd be proud if it was my girlfriend."

Dunst is currently filming Adam Rapp's Red Light Winter with Mark Ruffalo and has Bachelorette, Charm, Upside Down and On the Road in various stages of production.

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