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BASED ON A TRUE STORY Seventeen Billion Dollar Sunken Treasure Two Feature Films just Announced at the Cannes Film Market 2016

16 May 2016

Shipwreck Movie Rights Ltd., in association with Rampage Entertainment and Byron A. Martin Productions, has just acquired the exclusive rights and launched the production of The San Jose, a dramatic feature film about the Spanish galleon San Jose and its $17 billion treasure.

At the same time, the producers have commenced filming of a feature documentary, San Jose: The Recovery, which examines the 34-year legal battle between the U.S. company that discovered the wreck and the Colombian government who refuses to recognize their 50% ownership. The team has just returned from Barranquilla, Colombia, filming preliminary in-depth interviews with the lawyer who has been working on the case for 27 years as well as the salvage team that discovered the wreck in 1982.




“The legal battle over the famed San Jose includes lies, deceit, and theft” explains Jack Harbeston, original Financier of the Recovery and Salvage expedition that found the San Jose treasure.

“This is an amazing true story, with more skull-duggery than any screenwriter could imagine. We hope that by bringing it to the screen, the world will know what is truly at stake,” says Byron A. Martin, producer.

Executive Producers are Gavin Wilding (Vancouver) and Paul Becker (Los Angeles). Byron A. Martin (Toronto) will Produce with Associate Producer Chris Earthy (Vancouver).





June 8th, 1708 - A British warship sinks the Spanish galleon, San Jose, off the coast of Colombia. The San Jose was transporting the largest treasure the world has ever known; an estimated value of $17 billion worth of gold, coins, and precious jewels. In 1982, an American salvage firm, the Glocca Morra Company (currently known as Sea Search Armada), discovered the wreck. For over three decades, the Colombian government has been preventing the salvage of the wreck. Today, the treasure remains under 700 feet of water. In the fall of 2016, the salvage team hopes to finally lift the treasure from the seabed where it has rested for over 300 years.

The San Jose is an epic dramatic thriller about the discovery of one of the world’s largest sunken treasures. This character-driven narrative feature will explore the passions, motivations, and intrigue that span across this legendary ship’s controversial history and demise. With a $17 billion dollar fortune at stake, what began as a bloody naval battle has now become a treacherous legal one. This cursed and twisted story may be the greatest and most controversial treasure hunt in history.

San Jose: The Recovery is an exciting new feature documentary surrounding the historic sinking, current discovery, and on-going legal battles over the infamous Spanish galleon that sank with an estimated $17 billion dollars in gold and jewels off the coast of Colombia in 1708.

The producing team is presently attending the Cannes Film Market in France to secure additional financing and distribution for both projects.

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