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Beckinsale awarded libel damages

09 July 2009

Actress Kate Beckinsale has been awarded £20,000 libel damages over a newspaper claim that she had been dropped from a remake of Barbarella.

Ms Beckinsale, 35, was not at the High Court in London for the settlement of her action against Express Newspapers.

Her solicitor said the story in the Daily Express was entirely false and had caused considerable embarrassment.

By claiming Ms Beckinsale was dropped from the film, it wrongly suggested her career "was in decline", he added.

Graham Atkins told Mr Justice Eady that Miss Beckinsale was never in discussions about the role - originally played by Jane Fonda - and that there was never a possibility she would be part of the project.

It followed that she had not been passed over in favour of rival Hollywood actress Rose McGowan.

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Sincere Apology

The article, which was also published on the newspaper's website, stated that the Barbarella remake was "expected to be a big commercial hit so it will be a real blow to Kate".

Mr Atkins added: "This article wrongly gave the impression that the claimant's career is in decline."

The newspaper's counsel, Ian Helme, offered its sincere apology and said it was happy to pay damages and Miss Beckinsale's legal fees.

The original 1968 film, a camp erotic space adventure, starred Fonda and was directed by her husband Roger Vadim.