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Being a Boov: A Conversation with Jim Parsons for the Home Entertainment release of DreamWorks’ Home

13 July 2015

Warm hearted, exciting and funny, infused with fantastic music, HOME is the story of an alien species called Boov, who land on Earth, like the look of the planet and decide to call it home. They promptly round up all the humans and relocate them. Jim Parsons plays Oh, a Boov who is an outsider and doesn’t fit in. Unpopular with the rest of his species, the well-meaning Oh can’t seem to do anything right. He accidentally sends out a party invitation to the entire universe, which means the dreaded enemies of the Boov will be able to track them down. As a result, poor Oh becomes a fugitive. If the Boov leader Captain Smek finds him, he will be in deep trouble.

Oh meets up with a feisty and resourceful girl, Gratuity Tucci, known as Tip, (Rihanna), who is surviving on her own. Her mother has been whisked away with all the other humans and Tip is desperate to find her. At first Oh and Tip don’t get along at all, and on the surface don’t appear to have anything in common. When Tip remarks that she is missing ‘my mom’, the little alien (who has an interesting use of the language!) tells her: ‘Boov are not having my moms.’ They gradually become close friends, and set off on the road trip of a lifetime.

The film is based on an adaptation of the award-winning book, The True Meaning Of Smekday by Adam Rex.

Four-time Emmy winner, Golden Globe® Award winner and SAG Nominee, Jim Parsons continues to bring a winning combination of indelible charm, charisma and comedic timing to his roles on screen and on stage, establishing himself as one of Hollywood's leading men.

Jim Parsons sat down at DreamWorks Animation’s Glendale studios in Southern California, to discuss the film and his career...


How did you get involved with the project?

“I was approached about it and I had never done an animated film before, so I was very excited about the idea. Then once we talked about it, I just liked the little guy so much, even just the way he looked. I liked Oh from the moment I first saw a drawing of him, before I even knew the story. I held up the little guy next to my face and asked a friend: ‘do you think I could voice this character?’ He said 'oh, yeah' and I was like: 'really? Okay. But he seems more likeable than I am (laughs).’ What a thrill it's been to play him. I really hope people like Oh as much as I do. What a thrill to get to view our planet through his eyes, if you will, and to relate to Tip, the character Rihanna voices, in the way that he does. It's turned into a very moving experience, which I did not see coming.”


How much do you identify with this endearingly fun and quirky little alien?

“There is a certain sense of delightful wonder he has about everything on Earth that I have to admit I do understand, even though I can be as cynical as the next guy. The first thing I tapped into about him and that I feel every time I work on him, is that sense of easy delight he has about things that he hasn't seen before, things that we all find commonplace. I really understand him for whatever reason. Maybe I haven't matured enough! ”


What kind of things?

“Well, first of all, I love the way the Boov delight at all the objects they find when they first land on Earth. They are like: ‘what is a hairdryer or a washing machine or a football for?’ They either eat things or ride in them or use them inappropriately (laughs). While all the other aliens are going: ‘is this useful or not?’ Oh likes to play with everything he finds. The use for him is about having a good time. He sees a cookbook in an apartment he takes over and he's going to have a party that night, so he puts the book in the oven and he cooks it and it comes out charred and black. He says: ‘Yes!’ He has taken the word cookbook literally: he cooked the book. It's lovely!”


He has a wonderfully comical use of the English language and manages to mangle sentences. What was that like for you, it sounds like there were some tongue twisters?

“That was honestly very challenging because of the odd way he talks. There are strange mutilations of the English language and he has a funny way of stringing words together. He says ‘doos not’ instead of ‘does not.’ He says ‘I has to’ instead of ‘I have to.’ Tip pulls over the car at one point and Rihanna says ‘I need a pee break’ and Oh says 'oh, yes, I needs to break pee too' … and it's just delightful.”


What was it like working with Rihanna? It's her first big acting role and she is great as Tip.

“She's wonderful. She's so smart and she has one of the most important things you need as an actor, especially with comedy and especially animation, and that is a sense of timing. Of course she has that as a musician. She has incredible timing, but she has much more than that. She has a real humanistic conversational timing, and that's not the same as music. Working on scenes with her that we recorded together, I’ve discovered that she is instinctively a wonderful scene partner. She catches the ball. You throw it; she knows when it's there.”


What was it like recording together?

“We had one long day together and we also recorded a lot of scenes solo. But it was very instructive to get to hear and play off the other human voicing the character. You don't get that opportunity often making animated films. I think we both really took a lot from that day. It was very instructive.”


Are you a fan of Rihanna’s music?

“Yes, very much so. I was just thinking that when I was in my apartment listening to her first album, she was 18 or 19 at the time. I feel like a grandfather saying that (laughs) but I'm a big fan of her music.”





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