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Being Connie and Playing Challenging Characters: A Conversation with One To Watch Kate Lister for the FOX TRAP Release

05 April 2018

Kate Lister is a Melbourne-born actress. Kate has had a consistent run with the most diverse of roles. With her brilliantly in depth performance in Sony Pictures Fox Trap as the cunning Connie to her heroic female lead in her new horror film Unhinged (Proportion Productions). And in between working as a leading lady she has put time aside to produce and lead in 7 Storeys Down, The Warriors (ABC), Neighbours and more. Kate is also a Co -Founder of "Little Fish Films" & Founder of "Acting for Service".

Kate Lister plays the role of Connie in Fox Trap, it saw a Home Entertainment release in America this week, Connie is best described as a no filtered 'Queen Bee' type who doesn’t seem to have a conscience.

She’s a talent that’s one to watch out for and as one of the leads in Fox Trap, Kate is captivating and believable as Connie, bringing a richness to proceedings, in our interview, The Fan Carpet’s Marc Jason Ali talks to Kate about what got her into the Film Industry, what it was like working on Fox Trap and what’s on the horizon for her...


If we go back to the beginning, was there a defining moment for you to get into the Film Industry?

It really kicked in when I watched the movie Blue Valentine at the cinema. This film struck a cord with me and I have never looked back - I fell in love with Acting and the way Michelle Williams was so raw and truthful inspired me.


Fox Trap just had a home entertainment release in America, what can you tell us about the film and where your character fits into the story?

I play the role of Connie in Fox Trap and I must say I loved every moment of it. Connie is the 'Queen Bee' of the group and let me just say that she does not have a filter or a conscience. Connie really holds her own and doesn't like to rely on anyone. It was such a fun set to be on, so many undiscovered talented people all living under the same roof. It’s a project I look back at very fondly.


Do you have any memorable moments from making Fox Trap?

Most definitely when Alex Sawyer who played Niall was chasing after me in a scene yelling "Connie Connie" he fell flat on his face in the gravel - honestly I could not stop laughing. He kept falling over in scenes and if you look close enough in some of them you can tell we are trying not to laugh.


You've been in a few productions from Proportion, can you talk about them?

I always feel like a learn a lot on the Proportion Production sets as they are so fast pace and intense, you really have no time to relax and get comfortable. They have crazy concepts and I just love getting my hands dirty.

The most recent film I was cast in is called "Deadly Callback" (the title is subject to change) and I fell in love with my Character Kia Anderson, she was such a strong, passionate yet vulnerable character - I cannot wait to see how that film turns out.


What attracts you most to the roles you pursue?

I love playing characters that scare me. I know that sounds crazy but it’s the most exciting and challenging so they seem to be the ones that I get most attracted to.


What is your preferred genre?

I love Drama and I am really keen to try Comedy - I think it's very hard but I feel it would be lots of fun. so that’s my aim for the near future.






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